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Poetic Depression - Melancholy for those who need it...

(Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe)

Oh, so late at night, the clockwork ticking

A monotonous cacophony so eerily wincing

Contorted tranquility, disruptive in sleep

Menace like a knife, it cuts through the nightly

I cannot conjure what sentiment it arose

Accurately at least not I suppose

Such derision and anger I cannot endure

A submission of evil, my hatred is pure

And OH! So stealthily I went to work

I attempted to demolish this instrument from hell

But my conflagration and raging was in vain

for this fragment of a despicable instrument was cursed by a spell

indestructible it was!

Please, believe me for it is true!

No tool was capable of resulting wreckage

All attempts were in vain, am I a fool?

Relinquish me from this hellish thing

all tranquility it reprieves

Dear lord in heaven, just leave me be

Liberation, for all that ye seeks

Damnation I tell…

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