Beautiful piece

khrishna grace

Just as the wind must blow
And the birds must sing,
The dancer must dance.

Just as the river must flow
And the bee must sting
The poet must write.

It is the natural way of things

Oh what fools these mortals be…

Trees never try to become bees
And moons never try to become raccoons
Yet painters stay in the disguise of dentists
And sculptors lay dormant in the cores of lawyers
Disturbing the natural order of things

Actors crush themselves into cubicles
Ties around their necks like nooses
Pianists fingers’ cut cuticles
As their bosses shout out abuses

And they constantly wonder why…
They aren’t happy…

Fish cannot breathe outside of water
And goats cannot fly into outer space
The story cannot exist without the author
The song cannot exist unless the musician plays

Yet for some reason…
We are the only creatures
Who’ve forgotten…

The natural way…

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