A whole lot of reasonable meaning here….

Paper Emotions

Keeping it bottled up
tied up
safe and closely wrapped up
no air to breathe
no sky to see
no time for them to be free.
9/10 rated
unconditonally hated
not going to be sated
constantly warring
wont be soaring
short straw drawing
keeping it all in
always falling
eyes bawling
in the darkness
gasping at the sharpness.
Emotions are hard to control
some of them are droll
some incredibly powerful
but yet invisible
they must stay
fleeting like the fae.
A mask must be worn
curtains drawn
long have they waited
to be emancipated
it is not yet fated
but a dam cannot stand forever
it’s quaking, see that tremor?
The wall will fall
no matter how long you stall
maybe then, you’ll stop being so miserable?

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