Where Did All Those Summers Go?

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helen midgley

Where did all those summers go, the ones we left behind.

Daisy chains and apple trees and lemonade with limes.

Honey bees and fireflies and hidden treasures of every kind,

From pirate ships to fairy glens, we shared them all those happy times.

Summers came around anew and we soon forgot those childhood things.

Broken hearts and painted nails and lemonade with wine.

High heeled shoes and rah-rah skirts and teenage boys were kings,

From classroom winks to bike shed flings, we shared them all those happy times.

Summers came and went each year; we kept in touch by mail or phone.

Late night meetings and office drinks and lemonade with gin.

Pinstripe suits and perfect hair and lines to show the years had flown.

From CEO to Chief of Staff, we shared them all those happy times.

Where did all those summers go, the ones I long to find.

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Impressive piece

Traces of the Soul

Daisy sweet and pure
resilient and audacious
stretches to be sure
to lure its solar energy.
Will take a drop of vanity
that lends it be sturdier.
That’s not its sole purpose.
It offers opportunities
without our even knowing
See the hearty stem?
Sustains many burdens.
See the lovely petals?
Soft and white and pure…
each carry a single part
of who YOU really are
the multiplicity
that very special you.
row on row,
tiny soft petals
“Loves me, loves me not”
we play as kids a lot
but I know actually
each petal personifies
your individuality
Some are kind, meek and shy
bold, stubborn, ornery
one who can truly rely
On you for empathy
Compassion and wise
advice from time to time.
So many other traits
wise, gentle and tolerant
there’s really no debate
daisy has so many traits
a lifetime to discover.
The row of hidden petals

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