‘The bottom line’

So ‘captivatingly’ true


People can act friendly,
pleasant or nice,
but let me give you
a little useful advice.

Regardles of what
they swear or claim.
Their retoric doesn’t matter;
it’s all the same.

It’s never what they SAY
but what they actually DO!
The proof of the TRUTH
is if they come through.

They’ll promise you a ‘million’
and not give you a dime.
A handshake lasts but seconds..
give them a contract to sign.

If there’s just one lesson to learn
until the end of time;
it’s that the only thing that matters
is the bottom line!

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Masters to conquer as we wish,
Subjects for elements to ditch.
Amidst plenty we are so cosy,
Most dispensable pest too nosy.

We have all we need in warmth,
And yet we ponder on the truth.
Even in the calmness of comfort,
Peace endures only to comport.

All and sundry counted as conquest,
Still amongst us is a long contest.
In boast we sweat over our fears,
And we remain parted by its tears.

From the search we then learn,
We’re uniquely put in the plan.
Overtaken by the lust we sought,
In our own webs we are caught.

We are old and our story yet done,
Age conspires to leave us in none.
We’ll reach and sit to just wait,
To find out we are the most late.


Quite impressive


Unfettered social vindication
Told in tremulous trepidation
Lips parting gleeful postulations
Between triumphant excitations

Twittering between lips smiling
She related tales beguiling
Of a bird species self styling
One lady bird with two mates spiraling

One for beauty, one humility
For pride and reliability
One to make the strongest progeny
The other guards assiduously

She flitted away in gails of glee
At avian progressivity
I sunk two depths into my chair
Displaced tobacco filtered air 

With no just cause to shoot the prophet
The oracle become apostate
I mourned my love’s fragility
Subsumed in life’s utility

And so I watched my sad utopia
Undone by blameless Cassiopeia 

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A Corner of a Cemetery

Lovely piece

JUST the Unwinding of Thoughts

A poem, translated…

Time had stopped all of a sudden

And slowly, it’d moved backwards

A year at a time, going back

Silent like the films

Like the world is slowly aging

And, getting Lost in the forgotten years

All the Tombstones

All Remained Silent

Like the moss on the Rocks

Green on the Tombstones

With Countless Unspoken Spots

And so, you can feel that chill, in this corner of the cemetery, can’t you?  And, you see how the graves are unswept, for whatever reasons there are, and the world, in this small corner is forgotten, put out of one’s mind, but NOT completely, because someone had discovered this forgotten corner in a cemetery here…

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True Happiness

A piece worthy of note


A thoughtful embrace of the sun encounters wisdom of existence
hopes, cares, all decisions nestle inside as we curate
the hidden desires of life we also prepare
to nurture our freedom and convictions that pour
into the pool of sanctification forming the depth
of fruitful forgiveness
kneeling with passion presumes our duties
that never struggle to attain beauty
capturing the insight necessary for heights to express
our yearning to achieve and empowering
castles of divinity accord to only a simplest
display of harmony
as touching the rays that measure as a wand
and offer us persuasion of mind
to encapsulate the retardation of our soul
enlisting the angels to sing above us
tailors speak of this and reign as we sign
with the moments of our lives
lets remember to induce our very own eye
into happiness

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Of Quaggas and Thylacines (Adam and Eve)

Simply delightful

Floresita de Luna

O! Africa, land blessed with savanna grass

Smooth ivory, rubber production few can surpass.

From ancient times, you’ve been exploited, 

your mines emptied, rubber trees cleared, quaqqas murdered adroit.


O! Africa, land blessed with greatest feats

Of evolutionary marvel, the strongest beasts

Lion and hippos, rinoceri abounded

In the time before Portuguese ships had grounded.


O! Australia, land blessed with red rocked land

That tepid clime of marsupial brand

From ancient times you’ve been a haven

For monotremes and freaks, all things craven.


O! Australia, land blessed like the bourgeois

Blighted thylacines of mighty maw

You’ve been run down by colonization

cane toads and dingoes and collapsing civilization. 


O! ancient world, once blessed with verdant lawns

What must you think of us, monsters you’ve spawned?

We tore open your bowels, skinned you alive

All for the treasures you had buried inside


O! sweet earth, fertile soil

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A Man’s A Man

Inspirational piece

Democratic Thinker

A Man’s A Man For A’ That.


IS there, for honest poverty,
That hangs his head, an’ a’ that?
The coward slave, we pass him by,
We dare be poor for a’ that!
For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
Our toils obscure, an’ a’ that;
The rank is but the guinea’s stamp;
The man’s the gowd for a’ that.

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A reach back into the near past


IMG00035-20130120-1439 - Copy


Your produce is here and true,
For this surely a mummy are you.
From the start of it all you were
Willing that all elements be there.

The availability of all that is good
Is so limitless and has no mood.
You were to be of such a mould;
An embodiment of this idea so old.

You could see with blind eyes
Embrace truth and discard their lies.
As all came and as all so went,
You blur pain and just dreamt.

Indifference is that able chance
Not just affordable to all hands.
Compassion has love in its nature,
Lacking no past, present or future.

Dead is an air bubble inside a diamond,
Your aged love lingers on inside time.
Till you died, to these lives your breath lives on Though death ever comes back down to earth.


AA-IMG0167A (3) - Copy

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Missing Nigerian School Girls

Save our girls

The ordeal of a nation is capture perfectly in this painting…

Please share it freely and spread the news of what the parents of the missing Nigerian school girls have to deal with.

The parents of these over two hundred innocent school girls that were ruthlessly kidnapped by the Boko-Haram Islamic sect. now have to deal with not only the reality of their missing daughters and the limitless possibilities of things the menacing murdering Muslim sect. Boko-Haram; who have loudly and visibly claimed it has taken the girls, can do with their daughters.

They have to contend with the effortless work of a confused Government that is divided between the numbers of the missing girls and how best to even commence searching for them after two weeks. But the parents now also incredibly have to deal with the stupid insensitive out-lash of the Nigerian fist Lady who claims their children are not even missing but are merely a ploy by the government’s critics…


Time Is Past

Lovely piece

Flammeus Gladius

The Time Is Past

The time of our permission, lad, is past.
We are afraid you must apply anew.
Nothing of value has the nerve to last.
The time of our permission, lad, is past.
Yes, these things happen – and they happen fast.
We’re sorry that you never had a clue.
The time of our permission, lad, is past.
We are afraid you must apply anew.

–Tom Riley

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