Making a good case for ebooks

As Long As She Writes


** This post is dedicated to my dear friend and sister in storycraft, Kim Koning

In the little corner of the online writing and reading community that I occupy, I often come across photos, memes, slogans and posts extolling the virtues of the printed book over the eBook. I usually avoid the discussion because my appreciation for eBooks comes from living in countries where English is not the national language and no-one wants to hear me rave about my travels. However, something happened to me yesterday which made me think about the element of the print vs eBook argument which gets under my skin: the suggestion that eBooks “have no soul.”

Now, if the claim of no soul is in terms of decorating a house,  I can understand that – my favourite wall decoration is a tall bookshelf filled with the higgledy piggledy colours of print books –  but…

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