Quite touching but a lovely piece


As I watch you placing
Daffodils on my grave,
I feel so much sorrow
Watching you silently weep.

Every year you always return
To place our special flower;
It breaks my heart each time
I see your tears falling
Down your face.

Memories of fields full of
Glorious daffodils;
Making love between
The cream and gold.

So in love,
Until a cruel twist of fate
Took me away from you.

Walking to meet you,
Warm spring evening;
Dusk descending.

Sudden screech of tires,
Bone crushing impact;
Lights go out.

Now Iā€™m stuck here
Unable to pass over,
Watching your pain
And breaking up inside.

You never knew who
Was driving the car
That took me from you

And I cannot ever
Tell you that as my
Life slipped away
I saw the face

Of your father.

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