Whooh…. Naughty yet … no so..



Do you even know
What you do to me?
Your eyes are igniting,
Like a dim fire
With intense passion,
And I wouldn’t mind
Being burnt by them.
Just the thought of you
Makes my palms sweat,
My heart race,
And it’s like the second date
Every day.
I want to memorize
How your fingertips
Feel against my neck,
How your voice sounds
When you’ve just woken up,
How your expressions change,
As you recall your childhood fears.
I don’t want to just
Touch your skin,
I want to get under it.
For all this time,
I’ve told you I like you,
And sometimes
I’ve told you
I don’t like you.
But in reality,
I like black coffee
And morning sex,
but I am in love with you.

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