Calm & Peaceful world
Calm & Peaceful world

Closed eyes clasp the warm darkness,

Shutting out the silvery glow of the moon smile.

The cantata contest invade with its happiness,

Carrying all in the still air of the mating mile.

Oh how simple the peace of this revelry,

The mind and ears wonder the vastness of it all.

Clinging on sanity with man’s overt mystery,

Wishing all love melts into this dream so tall.

Are some dreams so spectacular that they are meant to remain unrealized?

the poet in the poet

17 thoughts on “TALL DREAM

  1. Yas that was simple! you have been way for WP? I am happy you came up with a post so different ! Some dreams we want to just reside in our thoughts and not to be crushed while realizing the odds! Great work! 🙂

  2. There are questions without answers. But there are also answers without questions.
    Beauty is timeless. That is what we were designed for. In this limited time to find the timeless.
    What else can you ask for?

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