It is more than just a recipe for Puff Puff

Vou Vents

Dear Nigerian Husband,
I’m sure you’ve noticed, I hope and wish you’ve noticed that I’ve not written you for many months now.

Since The Contender and I parted ways, I thought you’d just surprise me and finally show your face.

Well, the joke was on me. You refused to show up, hence, I went researching on ways to make you show up faster.

In one letter I wrote to you previously, I told you I made Nigerian meat pies just for you! I went through the stress of learning how to make the delicious treats hoping you’ll appreciate my effort but you didn’t. I take you don’t like meat pies.

In a few other letters, I told you about how I made chin chin, how I made jollof rice and even some soup just for you.  Yet, you this diva of a man, you this fine and rare pedigree…

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