People loose their own mark,
Showing off what they lack.
Each time brings its fear to us
And it shows in our every fuss.

Ours is made just as real,
That is not just how it feel.
For in giving what we have,
We only take like we gave.

Never really asking for trust,
For we do know what it cost.
Desire should make a picture
That should show its future.

the poet in the poet
The poet in the poem


12 thoughts on “PESSIMUM

      1. I am all good Yas! ! I blog daily. .I have been more regular than ever ..Please do take out time to visit. .you have been first few people who had seen me evolving 🙂 Take care

      2. My bad dear, I guess with my present increased work load & activities on the net, publicizing my works, I sort of lost track of you. I promise to look out more. Be safe my friend.

      3. I wish the same for you
        Take care. Peace n blessing to you my friend

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