Extracts from “The Man in the Moon” in “Everyone hates the English”

“These classifications of races we use are flawed. They do not identify us like they ought to and are only popular by default. The term Caucasian got redirected to refer to the European race. It was devised as Caucasoid and initially only used to describe the people native to Europe and not North Africa, Asia, North and South America. Caucasoid was originally used for Europeans without regard to their different skin tones. It was used to denote one of the three manufactured classification of human races, the others being Negroids and Mongoloids. These three races are still in use, regardless of inaccuracies.” More pedestrians tarried and stopped to listen. Leroy raised his face and voice.

“The origin of classifying white people as Caucasians came with the discovery of the Georgian skull in the sixteenth century, it was used to hypothesized the origins of Europeans. Caucasian was coined by Christophe Meiners, a German philosopher, and got widely circulated in intellectual circles amidst criticism of its correctness. Meiners proposed only two races; Caucasians and Mongolians.

“In comparison to Mongolians, he described Caucasians as more physically attractive, with pale skins and Caucasians as more sensitive and morally virtuous than Mongolians. Christophe Meiners made further distinctions within Caucasians, deducing that his indigenous Germans are the most attractive and virtuous of all, claiming their region to be the epitome for the Caucasian race. His classification is not based on any scientific criteria. The classification was more subjective than objective. Meiners posed that Caucasians had “whitest, most blooming and most delicate skin” and Europeans with darker skin are “dirty whites”, tainted with Mongolians. Skin pigmentation is still regarded as the main difference between the races and Adolf Hitler had borrowed from Meiners’ logic.” The numbers of listeners grew. The black leather jacket steered at the back, his shaven head’s eyes narrowed. Leroy smiled and relished the discomfort he caused.

“Later the expanded human races were spread into five, based on skin colour, justified with scientific coincidences like cranial measurements and facial features. Caucasians the ‘White race’. Mongoloids, ‘Yellow race’. Malayans, ‘Brown race’. Ethiopians, ‘Black race’. Americans, ‘Red race’. Later still, the importance of skin tone was down-graded when it was observed that peasant Caucasians work outside and had darker skins through a lot of sun exposure and darker skins are a natural feature of Europeans around the Mediterranean. Still there was never any scholarly consensus on this findings. However scientists maintain racial categorizations of colour works. In the twentieth century it was increasingly used to justify political policies based on prejudice, like segregation and immigration restrictions.” Around thirty five people now stood in front of the sixty year old migrant from Jamaica, who has worked as a handy man in the same London elementary school for thirty five years. The attraction was swift and they listened with rapt attention, taking in his every word like the mild sunlight shining on them with little warmth.

“Races are presently classified based on colour, skull collections based on cranial features and anthropometric measurements. Caucasian traits are accepted as a narrow nose, a small mouth, thin lips and a balanced facial angle. These features are recognized in contrast to that of others. Caucasians have minimal protrusion of their lower faces with retreating cheekbones, making their face look pointed. Their hair texture vary from straight to curly or wavy, contrasting the Negroid’s springy and the Mongoloid’s coarse and sparsely distributed varieties.”

Leroy tugged at the remnant of his bushy hair as he said ‘Negros’s springy’. In a classroom of six year olds, his hair will make a perfect teaching aid. But these are not kids, just misguided grown ups. Another thought flashed through his mind.

Leroy: People age but remain like six year olds till they die, still learning.


3 thoughts on “The Caucasian

  1. Very interesting.
    I thought that the classification to races came from botany or zoology and yes Germanic and also the bible in the story of Noah’s arc.
    Humanity is divided into origin according to the old tastement as originating in one of Noah’s sons.
    Slavery too goes back to the biblical explaination according to a seminar on racism i attendes a few years ago.
    Yesterday i read a comment on google plus claiming jews are white and thought how stupid it is that classification to a color puts people in a negative or positive light.
    I argued of course that religion has nothing to do with skin color .This division is absurd.
    When i was a child in NYC there was a saying in the streets
    “Black is beautiful
    Brown is hype
    Yellow is getting there
    But white aint shit”
    I love the book “the color of water”
    Humanity is obsessed with classification since it is supposed to make it easy to generalize.
    Sometimes people act their sterotypes which is sad .seems too many people just jump into boxes even before others put them there.
    Just meandering thoughts.
    I enjoyed reading this writing unique in content and form.
    It is 4 a.m. if this does not make sense.

    1. LOL…. If you make such good sense at 4 am, I dread how more logical you’ll be on a sunny day. I couldn’t agree more.

      You do know that ‘Leroy’ is referring to the origin of the academic classification of race, not the biblical one.

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      Hope enjoy the whole thing. Will love to hear your thoughts.

  2. Interesting stuff… I suppose to be one of the ‘superior’ race, one needs to utter skin colour then, lots of folks are on this already, heaven bless the skin bleach Co.

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