My Nation’s Birthday

Right….. the Niger-Area celebrates 55 years since the British succeeded in bunching up it different people.



Today my beloved country turns fifty five.
Most people still wish they weren’t alive.
I understand that, cause they fear for their lives.
They do not want to be part of the ultimate price.

What price am I talking about?
Danger springing everywhere like sprouts.
Calling everyone to CLEAR OUT-

But this land is still home.
The land where we survive on the rich loam.
The land where we are free to roam.
The land where we listen to tales of the evening gloam.

The land that is filled with hope.
The land where we rather cope,
Than put our heads in the rope.
The land where we need not elope,
To some foreign land to go sell some dope.

Arise compatriots O’ Arise.
Lets obey Nigeria’s call with our rise.
And serve our fatherland likewise.
Because today our beloved country has joined…

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