S. K. Nicholas


This world drags me down. People drag me down. I’m tainted by their cruelty, by their inability at seeing the beauty that surrounds them. The visible. The unknown. The magic of what it means to exist in a universe brimming with chaos. Sometimes I can’t take it. I can feel the tears in my eyes when confronted with random acts of kindness. When they befall someone as out of place as myself, I want so much to hold them- to tell them that everything will be okay. Sometimes, while the world sleeps and I write into the early hours, I want so much for someone to tell me there’s more to life than suffering. That one day, I’ll find what I’m looking for. Falling to the floor, I struggle to breathe as every memory possesses me. Every smile. Every tear. Every wasted day; every kiss that stopped time for the…

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