Men are indifferent to most trivial things and it is where the women prowl that they tend to do the most emotional harm, the real lingering kind. Women have a silly way of complicating the simplest emotional things and making them seem more than they ordinarily are. In their outward offers women actually do rape men emotionally, therefore by extension physically to. Women rape men mentally, they merely set the mood and simply wait, like a farmer buries a seed in the soil and waits. The damage they propose is easily blameless because its growth isn’t really a physical act. The achieved effect is clearly culpable because the victim is a hugely handicapped colt, deranged by his natural emotional deformity and his purely sexual bravado.

Men do not normally have functional automated braking systems and the will power to check their hormones are not natural and more or less mainly artificially trained. It is almost normal for such a system to collapse. Hence they are raped before they even start to conceive the idea of it and decide to retreat or retaliate. It is a weaken fabric men have in common, old or new alike. All their moral training and upbringing, their well-made and well-schooled contingency plans that teaches children to hold piss, loses its eloquence in the minds that originate it.


To a mass we wore those frowns again,
Webbing lines on our brows with pain.
These insects spanned and trapped we are,
Drunken hulks with secular cheats we Spar

Fever: The Coldness of Fever (Book V)


the poet in the poet - Copy
The Poet in the Poem


15 thoughts on “WOMEN RAPE MEN FIRST

  1. Yaya, I disagree with what I think you’re implying.

    Saying men are weak, are first “raped mentally,” by women, and are mostly led by sexual desires is all part of encouraging a rape culture. This is victim-blaming/shaming.

    Such things give credence to men/women who decide to rape a woman/man, or anyone for that matter.
    Both men and women can be mentally manipulative, it’s not a cunning craft peculiar to women alone. No matter how “mentally manipulated” anyone gets, raping another individual is never ever okay.

    1. I agree with justyou.

      Yasniger, I tried, but I could not follow your reasoning. Nor do I understand the pic that accompanies the text. Complicating things emotionally does not in ANY way justify the heinous act of rape. The biological inability to control one’s hormones as rationale is BS. Perhaps there is a nuance to your thinking or a darkly humored tongue-in-cheek aspect that I am missing here. —CC

      1. Clearly you didn’t understand that I didn’t justify rape but point out the deliberate effort in some instances, when the obvious biological inabilities of badly oriented men is actually harnessed. Hence the picture.

    2. I love the way everyone says “implied”…. That’s cos the content somewhat contradicts the title, doesn’t it? Anyways, I am a man & I have made it a point to always be objective in issues that ordinarily cross gender boundaries. Believe it kiddo, it takes a great deal of effort, it is a BIG DEAL for ALL MEN who are into women (NO EXCEPTION), to behave themselves around all attractive women. That’s how we are build. It is our nature, deal with it. While we discourage and deal with the dudes that sadly respond to the bidding of their loins first, a little help from everyone else to discourage situations where they need to behave with more constrain, will be most helpful too. What we see more often is a deliberate attempt by everyone to flaunt not just their gender but sex too. I worry that women have spend so much time making a case for their timeless oppression and forgot to fully comprehend the truest faults of men. Or just maybe they do & just truly like things the way they are because it actually gives them the most advantage.

  2. Have to agree with justvou above, rape is never justified whether done by a woman or a man. We’re all sexual creatures but if the object of our desire leads us on then says no we have to accept that and move on. No never means yes but there are plenty more fish in the sea. All I’m saying is that rape isn’t the answer to anything. A woman can venture outside wearing nothing but a smile but that still doesn’t mean she’s gonna say yes to you. No woman ever wears clothes to please any man she encounters therefore they’re never asking for rape. If she likes you then you will know it by the way she looks at you and comes on to you. Unless she agrees to have sex, and is old enough to have sex with you, it’s rape and you will get what you deserve in the end.

      1. I know you didn’t, but you can’t justify the unjustified anyway. Anyone who takes advantage of another in any way is guilty of the crime, we share this small planet and should be helping each other to make the most of our time here.

  3. Yes to an extent its true ,females rape males emotionally ,by threatening ,crying and other emotional tools ,actually I believe anyone who is weak let it be male or female ,mentally ,emotionally , physically ,spiritually are prone to exploitation ,still I can’t justify physical abuse or mental abuse of any kind

  4. Someone had to be brave enough to use that title – I don’t see anything here saying rape is okay – the opposite. I would say that the comparisons – between what the author says about what happens to men (growing up) compared to the vicious act of rape is, over-all, a poor approximation. Very.

    1. The thing is the author is a gentleman who knows all the above already, women!!! He knows and it shows so get off your high horse ignore the obvious and say something better – give the guy some credence?!?!

      1. And there you go…. I couldn’t have summed it up better. Now giving the guy some credence, for misbehaving or selecting not to? Now that’s the rub>

    2. Firstly, thanks for commenting. Then you appear to get the symbolism but missed out on the complex irony of men being always in charge of the situation the seem to be victims of..

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