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malakhai jonezs


Awakening to another day, the Sun beginning its climb high into the heavens with prayers for deliverance.  Fortunate to be alive and still more fortunate to have love in these times.  Glancing over to watch her sleep, fully clothed and carrying all of her earthly possessions, I was amazed to see how peaceful sleep was still a friend to her.  I, on the other hand, watched the night with trip-wire ears and source seeking eyes while conversing with my beliefs for fortification.

She was beautiful; a flower in bloom amidst the harshness that surrounded us.  We’d been together for quite some time, before “the Event.”   The exact amount of time is hard to know, because years are no longer measurable to me.

We would need to get up soon, if we were going to find food and water before making it to the next area to make camp.  Always on…

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