“Who are You?”

Lovely pictures to go with the beautiful prose

Pure Photography

Mystic hammam Taken in the oldest hamman in old islamic town of Cairo

Let’s have a walk together in the streets of the old Cairo Islamic district.

This district is the oldest of this giant city and is the greatest concentrations of historical monuments of Islamic architecture in the world!

First buildings have been built around 800 AD and is now a UNESCO site so much it’s a beautiful district!

This photo has been taken in the oldest hammam of the district, built around 1400 AD if I’m not wrong and was still in use up to the 60’s.

This place can now be visited by everyone and you can have a look on its beautiful architecture! For sure a marvellous place!

The “lights” in the ceiling you can see on this photo are holes to let steam going and to fresh the room. This room was dedicated to…

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A riff into the rift

Beautiful as ever

HD Prose

A riff, splicing, into a rift;a compressed expressive teaser,

A tease, easing onto the Kohlbrandt Bridge,​

​the top of the city of bridges,

bridging more than sounds, but a real rift,

letting the blues funk the rock,

To tease, heal, the ease through the rift.

Diabel Faye

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