Written by Jacob Ibrag Contradicting thoughts. She wants to stay home, alone and comfortable. And yet she dials anyone willing to listen. ‘I can’t stay here, nothing ever happens.’ Hands slide into the warmth of her old gloves. The thick of Winter. The paralyzing winds of stagnation. A friend waits. She doesn’t want to be […]

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Galleryface. — Lobster Thoughts

Come, walk down the halls of my faceless gallery, the blistered portraits of nonsense madman howling at self and nobody, but silence. You are intrigued by the lack of intrigue and boredom soon swings her pendulum hypnotizing us both, moan now sure as I am deaf will your cries be heard by none other. We […]

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6 Reasons Why Writing is the Best Therapy

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Annmarie McQueen Founder & Owner of: Annmarie McQueen Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Travel & Writing Writer 1. It lets you get the feelings out without having to get anyone else involved. Let’s face it; getting emotional in front of people is always an embarrassing process, no matter how close you are […]

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