Post from 20th January, 2015

Dear Almighty God,
Take into your most gracious embrace my dear friend and sister. Keep her in your divine presence and rest her gentle soul in your most perfect peace, for all eternity.

I miss her already, beyond words. My tears have dried out, my throat is raw.

The rest of my world will not be the same again without our years long endless chats. Sitting across from each other we talked and argued, debated and planned. Hundreds of miles apart, you were ever helpful and ever there to lend a hand, give some advice and edit. Just as we still talked on, mindless of the incredible phone billings, be assured that we talk on still. In my thoughts and in my mind, we talk on.


This act of cruelty is meaningless, beyond comprehension and reasoning.
Who will want to spoil such beauty and decency, or remove it from amongst us?
WHO and WHY?!
Righteous God is our comforter.

Who will understand my peculiarities like she did? Who will be my unconditional friend like she was? A part of me died with you, Ameena.

You were a most special friend, you brought the best out of me.
I became a better person by just being your friend, a privilege you allowed me.


Ameena, you died terribly, yet you live on beautifully in our thoughts.


Murder News


She was born two day before you were taken away from us & we named her after you five days later. You are always in our thoughts.

9 thoughts on “Amina Allgrownupandborin Mohammed

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. I know the value and rarity of friends like these, and when we lose them before their time, the ache is that much more intense. Grieving with you in your circumstance, though I didn’t know your friend. Praying His peace and comfort for you and her family.

  2. I do not know you nor her but i’ve lost a loved one too and i know how it feels. Worst still a loved one lost too early. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may the good Lord comfort you

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