Why you dey stone me with eye?
I dey chop my own, no put eye.

This our country na turn by turn;
you chop your own, na my turn.

I swear, if God dey vex true true,
this country for don talk true

Wetin we chop dey our teeth.
Las las, all of us join be thief.


“The proper function of man
Is to live, not to exist.”

For it is life’s demand
To insist and not persist.

“I shall not waste my days,
In trying to prolong them.”

I shall use my time in ways
That’s fair to me and all men.


What you have seen before now
Is nothing like you will yet know.
Mountains higher than the clouds
Or galaxies from fictional worlds
Will flash before you in fast floods.

The breath of a lung transits
Or to anti-bodies a virus submits.
The skeleton of a lonely fetus,
As that of a Mammoth is shown us
And not a scene is ever a loss.

The Red sea had betrayed
The depths Egyptians embraced.
White Mountains of ice only
In the south pole melts slowly
As you watch it all so warmly.

Roof of this world up high
Marbles the earth down here.
Clusters of fish eggs hatches,
Soldier ant worker matches,
As its eyelids blinks its lashes.

The wedding of a Queens maid
Or a Roman shield in a pyramid.
A shark outwit a dozen sailors,
Unlike Caesar in a senate of traitors
Centuries ago showed their failures.

A terrorist and freedom fighter
Are both made a fire and its lighter.
A domesticated wolf devours a man,
For a just reason it is shown it can.
You enjoy the deserts heat under a fan.

Bloody vessels in vain roam a sea,
A ghost discusses and drinks tea.
The passengers of an old plane crash
Board same plane again and smash.
Wealth you see leaves you no cash.

Every conceivable game is played
By men, animals, plants displayed.
The thickest clouds parade the sky
On pillars Himalayans peak up high
Or over raging ocean waters they fly.

Dancing birds dressed up to mate,
Two collapsed towers dust their fate.
Deepest valleys in the ocean waters
Reveal their secrets nature alters,
Nothing else in the world matters.

Uproar of a stampede crowds on,
Boiling heat erupting within the sun.
Sudden death stills a pumping heart,
A sprints heat repeated from start,
The tracks appear your viewing mat.

Ash, gas and molten are experienced
Volcano erupts its bowels so tensed.
Frogs hopping on water incredibly,
Like a pebble tossed so skillfully.
Sand storms windowed luxuriously.

Satans countless personifications,
Lords every era that raped nations.
Dancers of every race, sort and style,
Every single bubble in a mug of ale.
You see the characters in every tale.

Sparingly dressed wives in a harem,
Cardinal’s son talk as you hear them.
A view beneath a standing Scots kilt,
Happenings in a billionaires treat.
Everything in sight, with every tilt.

Bullets leaving a steel chamber,
A pierced lung as all its air wonder.
Endless flocks of Pelicans go south,
Yellow Monarchs clouds flicker north
Their beauty fills the mind’s thought.

Angels shield a saint on a mission,
Nerves’ twitch response a decision.
Ant like pedestrians on a city street,
Unsympathetic, selfish, proud fleet
Leave tastes bitter, salty, sour, sweet.

Mans quest for unknown perfections
Blurs with omissions or commissions
Constructed aids in achieved means
Entertain, educate, inform all beings,
Yet humanity’s future it weans.


The grass blades shake off droplets,
as she led on her mild yellow train.
Her own adorable dozen little pets,
squealing within their own tiny rain,
before the morning dew finally melts
and all the worms go deep down again.

She beaks a large borrowing worm
and they crowd round her as quick,
Wrestle the struggling stringy form
from her higher and bigger beak.
They pieces it all amongst their sum,
except again that weird odd chick.

Scratching off the sandy soil top
to pick and feed on the grains sort,
the serious Hen and her low troop;
all except that chick which does not.
Strangely though in a marshy mud top,
it walks easily as fed with its beak blunt.

Then it happens like it does always,
her dozen subtracts after and after.
At the stream where a worm ever plays,
danger is more and always there to alter.
The odd chick water takes in its ways;
Strangely it floats on, to the Hens whimper.


From where comes all this dew,
Delighting thoughts with to chew.

Soothing pressures that boo,
But sound frightfully so lewd.

I grabbed the wind horn I blew,
For I alone do hear it so true.

A loss I think I’ll cause you,
The pains might escape a few.

My swift scheme hardly new,
Like good cheats daring who.

Life is the full pot of new stew
Emotional foot found with its shoe.


Where the eagles dare
the vulture does fear.
With weaklings there,
Patience stole our lair.

Anthills grew where
colonies learns to bear.
That beach is so near
when a lost ship cheer.


Truthfully none lives all alone,
But dead as alive all has none.

The words we are saying now, found us somewhere we know.

Our thoughts are always near, holding us captive right here.


Boys’ll ever be boys!
Even if they’re older,
they like same toys;
only just get bolder!

Men get a lot older,
playing more bolder.
Craving similar toys,
make men still boys.

THE 411 IS 404

By Ahmed Yahaya Joe

All roads might lead to Rome but all dogs are heading for Katsina as the State Government is to expend N300 million on them to secure schools. Who is supplying the dogs? Certainly none of Ejike Mbaka’s “three contractors” nor Eedris Abdulkarim via Festus Keyamo! Anyway, this laudable proposal might however start off dog rustling because some Nigerians particularly from …, ……., ….. and …… would have already started calculating the cumulative length of “Telephone wire” that would be roasted, fried or pepper souped. If you decode the 3, 7, 5 and 6 dots na you sabi! Now that negotiating with bandits has obviously failed are dogs the best way forward?

While canines are wonderful as temporary early warning mechanism they cannot be a permanent preventive measure. Dogs are not bullet proof. Katsina people should rather implore their kinsman in Abuja to wake up on the job to identify and root out the immediate and remote causes of abductions – nationwide.

After all that is what he was voted into office to do! By the way who will feed and maintain N300 million worth of dogs? I ask because in Katsina “members” are said to be mainly concentrated at the Mammy Market of you know where. Chances are that each time there is salary delay or month far a government owned Bingo or two might end up there! If so it will be just a question of time before man’s best friend starts turning out to be other men’s 404!


Times have aged into a routine;
one weaned, not born by cooks.
Money now owns worship’s sin,
as many heros become crooks.

Todays’ are yesterdays’ whores,
all their victories liken abortions.
All gains reach emptied shores;
laurels are prismatic emotions.

Siobhan Chamberlain: PROVING PEOPLE WRONG

*Copied from Manchester United Website

13 December 2020 15:30

There are moments in your life when people say things to you that spur you on.

They are saying things that they believe, and that they think will help you, but their words also stoke this desire in you where you want to prove them wrong.

I still remember the time my Mum picked me up from school and I told her about my best friend, Deena, being picked for England Under-18s. Deena was a ridiculously good footballer. She was one of those naturally talented types, and mum just said: “Yeah, she’s good at sports, but you’re good at academic studies. That’s just how it is.” At the time that is how it was. I was good at school and she was good at football. But at the same time, it set something off in me.

I wasn’t like Deena. I was never one of those kids with natural talent and gifts; the ones you can spot a mile off. I liked taking part in lots of different sports – I loved gymnastics and trampolining from the age of three or four – but I wasn’t outstanding in one field. When you don’t have those gifts, your mentality becomes key because you need that hard work, that determination to prove people wrong. I didn’t even really have any interest in football until I was 10. My Dad and brothers kept going off to play, so I was jealous, I wanted to show I could play with them, so I joined in.

I loved it and played in all different outfield positions. I was in the girls’ football team at secondary school when my PE teacher, who also happened to be the England Women’s Rugby captain, took our team and entered us into a full-size, full-contact rugby tournament. None of us had ever played the sport before; we didn’t know what we were doing. She taught us the rules on the bus on the way there. We won the tournament without conceding any points. We were all quite athletic and coordinated, but I’m still not sure how we did it.

Siobhan Chamberlain says
“Her giving me that ultimatum really reinforced the desire to play football at the highest possible level.”Siobhan Chamberlain
After that rugby tournament, I remember my teacher asking me: “Would you rather play international level rugby or mediocre level football?” I remember thinking: international level football. There wasn’t the option of having a career in football at that time, but her giving me that ultimatum really reinforced the desire to play football at the highest possible level.

It was around that time that I volunteered to go in goal in my first ever hockey game (just because you got to wear all the cool padding), and that was that. Next time I played football, we were short of a goalkeeper and I volunteered. The rest is history. As a gymnast you’ve got to have an awareness of how your body moves through the air, you’ve got to have good flexibility and range of movement, all of which help you as a goalkeeper.

I was in year 12, first year of sixth form, when Fulham launched a professional women’s team. The Women’s League was a fully amateur league apart from Fulham. Deena signed professionally with them. I was already playing with Fulham and I don’t know if I would have been offered a contract, but I decided I wanted to finish my A-levels either way because that was important for me. I firmly believe that you should do your education regardless, even these days.

When I was 18 I was offered a scholarship at Stanford University over in America, but at the same time I’d just got into the England Under-18s setup and they wanted you to be visible and playing in England. I signed with Chelsea instead, and a centre opened at Loughborough University where you could combine full-time football training with your studies. That was perfect for me because I was able to do my degree in Sport and Exercise Science, do my Masters in Sports and Exercise Nutrition and I was able to do my football training there. I was at Loughborough for seven years in total. Everyone joked that I’d get married on the football pitches there, with the rubber crumb being thrown as confetti! Thankfully that wasn’t the case in the end.

During my studies, I changed clubs more than once. I left Chelsea for Fulham, moved on to Bristol Academy and ended up back at Chelsea, by which point I’d made my full England debut. That didn’t go as smoothly as I’d have liked – I ruptured the capsule around the top of my foot and had to come off at half-time – and then I wasn’t involved in the 2005 European Championships, which were held in England, but I went to our opening game against Sweden at the Etihad Stadium. We won 3-2 in injury-time and that was another moment when I just thought: Yeah, this is what I want.

After that tournament, I was in every single senior squad from the end of 2005 through to the end of 2017. I was second or third choice at times, and that was 15 years of your life committed to being away once a month and being part of a team without ever really playing. In 2007, after finally leaving Loughborough, I was picked for the second World Cup England had ever qualified for. It was huge. The finals were in China, and I never expected to play at that point. The first-choice goalkeeper, Rachel Brown, had been around forever. I was just there for the journey and to enjoy being at the World Cup.

The commitment you had to make as a female player, at that point when the game wasn’t fully professional, was huge. You’re working full-time, committing to training full-time, and you need a job that’ll let you take a week off once a month and have the flexibility to work around evening kick-offs, changed training schedules and so on. It’s very, very difficult.

I started teaching Sports Science in 2011 while I was in my second spell at Bristol and did a post-graduate course in that while also training, so it was a bit of a tight schedule. Some days I’d finish working at 4.30pm, do a goalkeeper training session for two hours and then immediately join in with a two-hour outfield session. I’d need a massive bag of Haribo between them to get me through. Teaching wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it fitted in and paid the bills.

On the pitch, things went really well. Bristol got to the FA Cup final, got to the Champions League and lost to a Russian team later caught up in the Russian doping scandal. On that note, I actually played for England against Russia a couple of days after the documentary Icarus came out, and I watched that on the day of the game. It left me asking a lot of questions in my head while I was lining up beforehand. That was a strange experience. We won 6-0 anyway, so if there were any drugs involved, they didn’t work!

Siobhan Chamberlain says
“United was, by a million miles, the best organised, best run and most integrated club I’ve played for.”Siobhan Chamberlain
I played every minute of every Bristol game for the first three years of the WSL, was named in the PFA team of the year and came third in the voting for the POTY. Then I left for a new challenge at Arsenal, where I became professional for the first time. The problem was, I barely played, so it wasn’t a great time for me. I played every game of the FA Cup run until I was replaced for the final. We won it for the first time in my career, having lost the final twice with Bristol – both to Arsenal – but I value those loser’s medals more than the winner’s medal because I felt we’d really achieved something by getting to the final with Bristol.

The following year was the 2015 World Cup in Canada. Again, I was on the bench. I went to the World Cup in 2007, Euros in 2009, World Cup in 2011, Euros in 2013 and I didn’t set foot on the pitch in any of them.

Then it happened. Finally.

We were playing Canada in the quarter-final. It was at BC Place in Vancouver. I’d played in Canada for a while a few years earlier, when the women’s league in England had been rescheduled and I went out there to get some playing time during the lull in fixtures. While I was there, I’d played in Vancouver with quite a few of the Canadian team, and now I was back. Karen Bardsley, our first-choice goalkeeper, came in at half-time with a puffy eye. She’d gotten some of the 3G crumb in her eye and it had reacted badly. She went back out for the second half but it quickly became clear she couldn’t see and, after 51 minutes, she had to come off.

There was no way I was going to rush. I sorted my hair out, put my shinpads on, my pre-wraps, my gloves, and by this time the Canadian fans were fuming. It was sold out. They were booing and I was enjoying that. The moment was in my hands. I wanted to be ready, perfectly set. I was getting booed by 55,000 fans for time-wasting, but as a goalkeeper you don’t have to rush. That’s the one position where they can’t start without you, so everyone’s there trying to rush my gloves on, but I was just like: “Don’t stress. It’s fine.”

Siobhan Chamberlain says
“I’m someone that constantly needs a challenge, and that’s certainly what I’ve got right now… being a professional footballer was the easy part!”Siobhan Chamberlain
I was the calmest person in the world as I walked on the pitch with the biggest smile on my face. Everyone at home said to me afterwards: “Were you not nervous? You looked like you were having the best day of your life!” I’d done all the preparation I needed. If I didn’t go out there, enjoy it and trust what I’d done previously, there was no point. It was 2-1 when I went on and it finished 2-1, so we qualified for our first ever semi-final of a World Cup. That was a huge moment in my career – the kind of moment that nobody had ever thought was possible when I was a kid – and it was a sweet experience. In that tournament every outfield member of the squad had already played some part, so it was nice to feel properly involved.

Also, throughout that tournament, every time I’d done media interviews it had been about my wedding, because I’d gone off to play football and left my now-husband Leigh at home to plan the wedding, so I was waiting for any chance to talk about football. Finally I could talk about something other than the wedding!

Two years later, at the European Championships, I was no.2 to Karen again. Playing France in the quarter-final, she went down injured with a broken leg, so I came on at the same stage of the tournament for the same player. It was 1-0 when I came on, it finished 1-0, we qualified for the semi-finals of the Euros and for that to happen two tournaments in succession, Karen must have wondered what I’d done to her!

By that time I’d signed for Liverpool, but when the opportunity came in 2018 to join United, it also gave me the chance to play for Casey Stoney, who had been my England room-mate for a decade. It was perfect timing for me because I needed that move. It couldn’t have gone better. United was, by a million miles, the best organised, best run and most integrated club I’ve played for. You feel like you’re part of the club, which is huge. It feels fully like one club.

It was an interesting season because as a person and footballer, I fell back in love with football at United. After my time at Arsenal and Liverpool, football was just football. I loved the international side of it but had lost my love for the club game. I was just doing my job, but being at United, being part of something new with a great bunch of players and staff, with Casey, I fell back in love with football.

I was by far the senior figure in the squad. I mean, by far. There were a lot of kids in that team, so it was quite nice to have that role of trying to lead and guide and help them. It was a hard season as a goalkeeper barely touching the ball because we were winning so heavily, but to be part of the first ever Manchester United Women’s team to win a trophy is something that nobody can ever take away from us. Personally, being the first ever professional no.1 in the club’s history has great historic value. It’s big. It’s not a record that can be beaten. It’s just a fact and I’m so proud of it.

Then, at the end of that first season, things changed. For most women who have kids, life changes drastically when they give birth. For me, it changed drastically when I announced that I was pregnant because my whole career changed in an instant. My football had always dictated where we moved, my husband had always based his company wherever he’s needed to. Suddenly I was no longer the priority. It wasn’t just about what I wanted. It became all about Emilia, who was born in January 2020.

I left United a few months later and announced my retirement not long afterwards, and it was by far the hardest decision I’d ever taken in my life. United are, like I say, brilliantly run and every single player will tell you that Casey is fantastic. She’s honest, she’s ruthless when she needs to be, but she’s a good manager of people, so the club is in very safe hands. For me, life has changed dramatically. I absolutely love being a mum. I also enjoy watching the team now, quite often as a co-commentator with MUTV, and it’s great to see them doing so well at the top of the league. Personally, for me, as well as media work with MUTV, I’m currently studying for a Masters in Sports Directorship. I’ve learnt and experienced so much within the game that I’d love to be able to give back and help the game grow in the right direction. I’m someone that constantly needs a challenge, and that’s certainly what I’ve got right now… being a professional footballer was the easy part!

That’s just me, it’s how I’ve always been – especially if someone tells me I can’t do something!

General Gowon: Too Humbled to be Bundled

Does General Gowon look like somebody who moved to London with half of Nigeria’s Central Bank?

We, the undersigned call upon Hon. Member of Parliament representing Tonbridge and Malling of the United Kingdom, Ted Tugendhat to withdraw his recent statement at Westminster;

“Some people would remember when General Gowon left Nigeria with half of the central bank, or so it was said, and moved to London,”

Mr. Tugendhat, had spoken when E-petition 554150 was being considered at the British Parliament on Monday, November 23, 2020 over a petition seeking sanction against the Nigerian government for alleged human rights abuses during the #EndSARS protests.

We are not unmindful that the MP had added “so it was said” to his presumptuous claim. That notwithstanding, Mr. Tugendhat would have availed himself with some basic historical overview on the exact circumstances of how General Gowon ended up dining at the student cafeteria at Warwick University after his overthrow on July 29, 1975 while in Kampala attending a summit of the Organization of African Unity (OAU now African Union)
Even after 45 years, General Gowon’s statement thereafter remains instructive;

“From all indications a new government had been established in Nigeria. I wish to state that I, on my part, have also accepted the change and pledged my full loyalty to my nation, my country and the new government. Therefore, in the overall interest of the nation and our beloved country, I appeal to all concerned to cooperate fully with the new government and ensure the preservation of peace, unity and stability of our dear motherland.

As a Nigerian, I am prepared to serve my country in any capacity, which my country may consider appropriate. I am a professional soldier and I can do any duty that I am called upon to do.
May I take this opportunity to thank all the people of Nigeria and friends of Nigeria for the support and cooperation that you all gave me during my tenure of office and call upon all of you to give the new government of our nation the same support and cooperation in the interest of our beloved country.
Long live one united, happy and prosperous Nigeria. Long live the Organisation of African Unity.”

The attached images are of General Gowon after he had enrolled as a student at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom. Where eventually his Ph.D Thesis focused on The Economic Community of West African States: A study in Political and Economic integration.

It would be recalled after his overthrow from government several investigations were made into corrupt enrichment. The General was neither found complicit nor indicted in any. More ever;

“Many offers of residence came to him in Kampala from various African countries. He notified the new regime in Lagos that he would leave Kampala for Lome in Togo. Since he was financially broke, teary-eyed members of the Nigerian delegation along with staffers at the Nigerian High Commission in Kampala donated 3000 pounds sterling to enable him begin a new life. He was flown to Lome – via Garoua in Cameroon – aboard President Idi Amin’s executive jet.

Part of the flight passed through Nigerian airspace and Gowon took the opportunity to transmit a radio message reaffirming loyalty to and support for Brigadier Muhammed’s new regime. Although offered permanent domicile in Togo he chose to join his family in the United Kingdom. He received an additional 10,000 pounds sterling donation from General Eyadema. Following a telephone call to Brigadier Muhammed, during which he made requests for elementary federal assistance, he left for London.”

“When he got to London, he was offered official accommodation by the Nigerian government which he, however, turned down for a variety of reasons. After some weeks at the Portman Hotel, he moved into the house of an old friend – Mr. Emmanuel Otti – at 472 Finchley Road, London. The delay was to enable the house to be redecorated by Mr. and Mrs. Otti and Brigadier Sam Ogbemudia (who had been in the UK when the coup took place in Nigeria). Other friends came to the assistance of the family. It was not until September 1975 that he began to get his pension and gratuities as a retired Four-Star General. In the nine years he had been Nigeria’s ruler he had not built himself a single house, inside or outside the country, nor did he expropriate one kobo of government money.

Unlike some of those who served under him, his TOTAL savings throughout his service years as well as his years as Nigeria’s leader was N75,000 – all of which was inside Nigeria. In time to come this would stand in stark contrast to the conduct of and personal fortunes of most of those who conspired to remove him from office – or benefited from it.

Once settled in with his family, the General, who was offered several Masters Degree programs, signed up for undergraduate studies in Political Science at Warwick University. Newspapers in Nigeria later carried news items and photographs depicting the former Nigerian leader carrying trays in a student cafeteria in the UK.
The Muhammed regime was embarrassed and therefore dispatched Brigadier TY Danjuma (who, took Kano born Col. Wali along) to ask Gowon adopt a supposedly more dignified stance. Gowon rejected the overture and reassured his “embarrassed sympathizers” that he was comfortable with his situation. (Conceivably nothing could have been more embarrassing than to be overthrown while attending an OAU summit). He made friends among the Nigerian students at Warwick, including a family friend of mine, Desmond Guobadia, now a legal practitioner in Lagos. Meanwhile his spouse, the former First Lady, Mrs. Victoria Gowon (who was a nurse) registered as a catering student at a University College in London.”
See details in; Military Rebellion of July 29, 1975 – Epilogue: From Kampala to Lome to London and back to Nigeria by Nowa Omoigui

Therefore, we the undersigned call upon all Nigerians of goodwill and indeed the members of the international community at large to ignore the insinuations of Mr. Tugendhat. In turn, by this signed clarification we call upon the MP to be appropriately corrected and to do the needful by withdrawing his statement on General Gowon.


Abdallah Baikie.

Ahmed Yahaya Joe.

Lived Once, Buried Twice


After succumbing to a fever of some sort in 1705, Irish woman Margorie McCall was hastily buried to prevent the spread of whatever had done her in. Margorie was buried with a valuable ring, which her husband had been unable to remove due to swelling. This made her an even better target for body snatchers, who could cash in on both the corpse and the ring.

The evening after Margorie was buried, before the soil had even settled, the grave-robbers showed up and started digging. Unable to pry the ring off the finger, they decided to cut the finger off. As soon as blood was drawn, Margorie awoke from her coma, sat straight up and screamed.

The fate of the grave-robbers remains unknown. One story says the men dropped dead on the spot, while another claims they fled and never returned to their chosen profession.

Margorie climbed out of the hole and made her way back to her home.

Her husband John, a doctor, was at home with the children when he heard a knock at the door. He told the children, “If your mother were still alive, I’d swear that was her knock.”

When he opened the door to find his wife standing there, dressed in her burial clothes, blood dripping from her finger but very much alive, he dropped dead to the floor. He was buried in the plot Margorie had vacated.

Margorie went on to re-marry and have several children. When she did finally die, she was returned to Shankill Cemetery in Lurgan, Ireland, where her gravestone still stands. It bears the inscription “Lived Once, Buried Twice.”

#HistoryVille 😱😱😱


By Taiwo Sanni

Tell my mother I was unarmed.

Tell my father I had the flag in my hands when I was shot.

Tell the unborn Generation that I died singing the national anthem.

Tell the cowards who shot me that my spirit lives on in the life of every good Nigerian youth.

Tell the government that they shot my body but not my spirit.

Tell the world I died for freedom like many good people before me.

I regret nothing, for I have done what my father’s, mother’s, uncle’s and aunt’s couldn’t do out of fear. Let God judge me, I am only sorry for the pain of leaving you this early.

My prints will forever remain in the sands of history for I have done my time based on the path I chose freely & willingly.

Now that my torment in Nigeria is over, please lay me to rest on mother earth where you all will join me in due time, take my voice and hand it over to the next good youth whom I hope by Gods Almighty grace will benefit a better Nation.

For I know that freedom is coming, yes freedom will come tomorrow.

Good bye…

Earliest Nigerians: Which region wanted what

This was posted on a high school old boy’s group, a predominantly Northern Nigerian group. A relative put it up in our family group & called it how the North sees our current political situation.


Do you know that when Tafawa Balewa was Prime Minister of Nigeria;

Chief of Army Staff was from SE
Chief of Naval Staff was from SE
IG of Police was from SE
Chief of Defence Staff was from SE
Internal Affairs Minister SE
External Affairs Minister SE
Education Minister South SE
Many other key ministries to SE
Parliament President SE
Unilag VC from SE
The University of Ibadan VC from SE
North resisted same at ABU!

Still, there was dissatisfaction by SE, the officers from the region killed this same Balewa!!!!

Out of all the most senior officers in Nigeria, SE has 37, none was killed. 8 from the north, all of them were killed. 10 from the west, 2 were killed.

Then Ironsi imposed a unitary system of government on the country so that everything can belong to a region who snatched it!

We must know our history so that when we want to make corrections, we will not end up concealing the truth. This has nothing to do with tribalism but everything to do with the truth… times when lies litter the streets. There is a tendency to think those are truths and facts.

“What follows are documented facts that can be cross-checked for authenticity!”

Thou shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

“Prof. Ben Nwabueze was the man who drafted the constitution that took away powers from regions and handed it to the central govt because his brother Aguiyi Ironsi was the head of state then. Today, he is shouting restructuring that he helped to destroy. We won’t forget.”


The Igbo man is known to enjoy blaming the Hausafulanis, Yorubas and indeed every other Nigerian tribe and Lord Luggard/Britain for their seeming claim of being in third class citizen status in Nigeria. In their perpetual attempts to a play the victim card, they recount the political events of Nigeria from 1914 to the present in a half-baked and highly selective manner which cleverly avoids the mention of the roles played by their elite who by all natural laws of judgement were actually responsible for the woes that befell not only the Igbo race but the entire Nigeria nation.
The story told in the post above is one of such selective and distorted accounts of history which the average Igbo man is fond of narrating.

However, the national archives have the complete and unedited history of Nigeria regarding the political events beginning way back from even before 1914. I will therefore proceed to furnish my readers with the complete story for all to read and be endowed with enough facts so as to judge and act from an informed position.

Shortly after the 1914 Amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates, it started getting clear that the country was bound to fail as the amalgamation in question was done with colonial fiat without the consent and consensus of the different tribes which were over 300. This prompted the political leaders to start asking for de-amalgamation so as to forestall the future danger which the forced amalgamation portended.
To that end, Ahmadu Bello, speaking on behalf of the Northern protectorate in 1944 described the amalgamation as “The mistake of 1914 which if allowed to remain will ultimately lead to unstoppable bloodshed and a failed country”.
Awolowo, speaking on behalf of the Yorubas and Western minorities, described Nigeria as a mere geographical expression not qualified to be called a country let alone a nation. Awolowo added that if the amalgamation could not be reversed, then Nigeria should be structured as a strictly federal state so as to enable each tribe enjoy autonomy this freedom from being dominated by any one single tribe.

But Nnamdi Azikiwe, speaking for the Igbos, denounced Awolowo and Ahmadu Bello, terming them ethnic champions. He accused them of nursing a sectional agenda against the unity of Nigeria, and he declared further that the Unity of Nigeria was non-negotiable.

After moving the motion for independece in 1953, Anthony Enahoro proposed that a secession clause should be incorporated into the future constitution of Nigeria so as to give legal backing for any tribe to peacefully exit the forced union if it feels marginalized in future. According to Enahoro, such provision in our constitution would instill in all Nigeria’s future leaders the fear of the consequences of misgovernance. But Azikiwe, speaking on behalf of Igbos, rose against him in the parliament and labelled him an agent of disunity, and enemy of Nigeria. At a later date, Awolowo too made a case for secession clause, but Azikiwe again resisted him and instigated the colonial authorities to threaten him and Enahoro with charges of treasonable felony if they didn’t stop proposing secession clause for the future constitution. While Azikiwe did all these, Igbos cheered and urged him on because they felt the future Nigeria was theirs to dominate and lord it over every other tribe

Before independece, Tafawa Balewa too had in a public speech described Nigeria as a British experiment and Nigeria’s unity as a British intention which Nigerians themselves don’t believe in. But Azikiwe kicked and demonized him too. Had Azikiwe co-operated with Enahoro, Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello and Tafawa Balewa about the secession clause, Nigeria perhaps would not have been this misgoverned.

For those in doubt, here is a link of one of the numerous instances in which Nnamdi Azikiwe fought against the secession clause proposal for the future Nigeria constitution.…/my-opposition-to-seces…/

It should be noted that there were many Igbo members of the parliament in which Azikiwe fought against Awolowo’s secession clause proposal in the link above, but not a single one of them rose against Azikiwe or condemned him.

Igbos initially never wanted to hear anything like secession in Nigeria because they so much believed, though falsely, that they were the most educated tribe. (The first Nigerian tribe to produce a university graduate is the Binis).
As an evidence of Igbo domination agenda hence their initial resistance to the idea of secession; here are some quotes:

“From all indications, the god of us Igbos have destined us to rule the whole of Africa”….. Nnamdi Azikiwe (1945).

“It is getting clearer each day that Igbo domination of Nigeria is just a question of time”… Oscar Onyeamma. (1949)

As at 1900, the whole of the present Benue State, Kogi East Senatorial District and some southern parts of Taraba State called Munchi District back then; were all in the Southern Protectorate. Whoever doubts this should consult MacMillan Atlas for secondary schools in Nigeria.
With that situation the South had a higher population than the North hence always had an upper hand in any democratic bargain.
But as at the early fifties when the regions were being created, common sense dictated clearly that these areas should fall in the future Eastern Region. But against common sense, the colonial masters decided to gerrymander them into the Northern Region. While they did that, Azikiwe who was supposed to be in Enugu fighting against it as the leader of the East, was far away in Ibadan struggling with Awolowo to rule the Western Region and also playing the spoiler role against Awolowo’s attempts to have Kwara and present Kogi Yorubas carved into the Western Region from the North which was already too large by landmass.

While he abandoned his burning house and was far away in Ibadan struggling against Awolowo for his own (Awolowo’s) region, Igbos saw absolutely nothing wrong with that. Rather they applauded him as a nationalist. A nationalist whose house was burning yet busy chasing rats in a far away land.

When opinions became unanimous that Lord Luggard and his government must be forced out of Nigeria and indeed the whole of Africa, it was still the Igbos that frustrated the attempts.

Here is how:
In 1948, Anthony Enahoro organized an anti-colonization symposium in Lagos for which Azikiwe and some other Igbos had agreed to deliver the keynote address.

But when the D-day came, Azikiwe was nowhere to be found as he deliberately disappeared into thin air for fear of being arrested and dealt with by Lord Luggard.
Anthony Enahoro then quickly replaced Azikiwe with another person who did the job improptu but perfectly well as he lambasted and lampooned Lord Luggard and the British Government. However, the British soldiers invaded the symposium venue, arrested the speaker and Enahoro and jailed them for treasonable felony.

Ironically, the next day Azikiwe came out of hiding and granted a radio interview in which he accused Enahoro and the other organizers of suffering from youthful exhuberance.
On regaining his freedom few weeks later and being told of Azikiwe’s radio interview, Enahoro resigned from his post as Editor of Azikiwe’s newspaper – The West African Pilot.
Then he wrote a book titled “Nnamdi Azikiwe: Sinner of Saint”.
After launching the book, Enahoro left Azikiwe’s party – the NCNC, and moved over to Awolowo’s Action Group.

The first military coup in Nigeria was carried out by majority of Igbo army officers. That was the coup that truncated democracy just six years post Independence and led to a succession of coups which put the country on the reverse gear for 33 years.
Through that first coup, those Igbo army officers who accused the politicians and government of the day of monumental corruption, killed the political leaders of the Northern, Western and Midwestern Regions but allowed all Igbo political figures to escape by tipping them off prior to the D-Day. In addition to the killing of political figures, they also killed a total of 27 innocent high ranking military officers from every region except their Eastern Region.

In the end an Igbo man called Aguiyi Ironsi, who was supposed to have been killed alongside other military officers, ended up becoming the new military ruler of Nigeria. Rather than immediately arrest and punish the coup plotters, he kept them in detention where they were treated as heros. This was actually what sowed the seed for the eventual Biafra War. On the 23rd of February 1966 (i.e. a month and 8 days after the first coup porpularly but wrongly known as Nzeogwu coup, an Ijaw born Army officer called Isaac Adaka Boro who hailed from Kaima town of present Bayelsa State, declared the secession of the Niger Delta Republic in an attempt to free his Ijaw people from the monumental marginalization they had been suffering under Igbos in the old Eastern Region.
But Aguiyi Ironsi immediately ordered Colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu to arrest him and hand him over to the military high command under him in Lagos. Ojukwu went all out against Isaac Adaka Boro with federal military might and within 12 fighting days killed 150 Isaac Boro’s soldiers, arrested him, stripped him naked, and had him driven to Lagos and handed to Ironsi who immediately charged him to court and within two months secured against him a conviction of treasonable felony for which he was sentenced to death by hanging fixed for December that year by the Supreme Court. His ‘crime’ was that he declared secession of The Niger Delta Republic from Nigeria. Meanwhile the Igbo coupists who shed innocent blood of other tribes and even sprayed bullets into the bellies of the pregnant wives of Ahmadu Bello and Brigadier Shodeinde were not charged to court or arraigned before any military tribunal.

Isaac Adaka Boro was in detention waiting for December to come for him to join his ancestors. But God so kind, a revenge coup happened on July 29 by Northern soldiers and Ironsi was overthrown and killed. Gowon took over and released Isaac Adaka Boro unconditionally, reinstated him into the Army with his previous rank.

Then on May 30, 1967, Ojukwu too declared secession of Biafra Republic from Nigeria and without consulting or apologising to Isaac Boro, drew a Biafra map which included the very areas that made up Isaac Adaka Boro’s earlier declared Niger Delta Republic for which he fought against him and killed his soldiers.
Seeing such level of arrogance in Ojukwu, Isaac Boro asked Gowon to provide arms for him to crush Biafra by fighting on the Nigerian side in vengeance for Ojukwu’s frustration of his own secession declaration 15 months earlier.
Isaac Boro, as an Ijaw man conversant with the waterways, led the Nigeria Army through the coastal areas into Igboland to finish off thousands of Ojukwu’s soldiers thus leading to the crushing defeat of Biafra.
But today, Igbos accuse Ijaws of betraying them in the war. But from the facts as above, who really betrayed the other in all honesty? Be the judge.
Why Gowon fought against Ojukwu’s declaration of Biafra was as follows:
After Ironsi and Ojukwu successfully crushed Isaac Boro’s Niger Delta Republic declaration, Ironsi immediately proceeded to promulgate the Anti-secession Decree which made the mere mention of secession from Nigeria punishable with death by hanging. Ojukwu openly supported and endorsed the decree despite disapproval of it by the general public. So when Ojukwu later declared Biafra secession, he was reminded of the Anti-secession Decree made by him and his brother Ironsi.

Deadly Truth: Igbos frequently reference Aburi Accord to create the impression that the rest Nigerian tribes don’t honour agreements. This is a very dishonest narrative from Igbos.
First and foremost Aburi Accord was organized by soldiers and unelected civil servants who should not participate in political exercises like making laws due to the civil service anonymity principle. Secondly, those civil servants and military men in attendance were not elected by their federal constituencies to the Aburi summit. In the philosophy of democracy the only universally acceptable way of making laws is through duly elected representatives of the people. But in going to Aburi the peoples’ representatives duly elected in the 1965 elections were all sidelined for soldiers to hijack the process. Where on earth do soldiers make laws for the people? Rather, the civilian populace makes laws that guide the military. Aburi Accord therefore had no seal of the people’s sovereignty hence it was an illegality which shouldn’t have been allowed to stand.

Thirdly, in 1957, Nigerians from all federal constituencies democratically elected representatives whom they sponsored to London, paid their flight tickets and hotel accommodation for the Independence constitutional conference. Those representatives all resolved and agreed on federalism marked by regional autonomy and resource control in the Independence Constitution which they brought back home and everyone accepted it.

In that constitution, Nigerians all agreed that on no account shall the military take over power. It was also clearly stated in it that ammendments to it could be done by only democratically elected representatives.

That constitution was the first ever agreement between all Nigerians.
On the day of his inauguration as the Army GoC, Aguiyi Ironsi stood before the whole world and with his own mouth swore to protect and defend that sovereign Independence constitution regardless of the circumstances that may later arise. But just six years after he manufactured an excuse to clinch power against the clear provisions of that constitution we all agreed to, unilaterally began to amend its provisions with his very offensive Decrees, and ended up dismantling the federalism and resource control therein, and ultimately subverted that constitution we all painstakingly sacrificed to draft. That was the height of Irresponsibility and the dishonoring of sacred agreement. That was how Igbos breached the first agreement, all Nigerians, ever all mutually consented to, thus laying the foundation for violation of future agreements.

So Aburi Accord was only treated exactly the same way Igbos treated the Independence constitution agreement.

Obasanjo removed history from the school curriculum hence the reason why many of what we know of the eventualities in Biafra war were altered to suite their narratives.


Author is yet to be identified, but I will love to hear your takes on this…

Beating Your Children

If you ever wondered why Africans beat their children, then read up on this repost.


Children nowadays don’t even know that in our days you could be beaten for any of the following reasons:

1. Crying after being beaten.
2. Not crying after being beaten.
3. Crying without being beaten.
4. Standing while the elders are seated.
5. Sitting while the elders are standing.
6. Walking around aimlessly where the elders are seated.
7. Replying back to an elder.
8. Not replying back to an elder.
9. Spending too much time without being beaten.
10. Singing after being admonished.
11. Not greeting visitors.
12. Eating food prepared for the visitors.
13. Crying to go with the visitors when the visitors are leaving.
14. Refusing to eat.
15. Coming back home after sunset.
16. Eating at the neighbour’s home.
17. Generally being moody.
18. Generally being too excited.
19. Fighting with your age mate and losing.
20. Fighting with your age mate and winning.
21. Eating too slowly.
22. Eating too quickly.
23. Eating too much.
24. Not finishing your food.
25. Scraping your plate
26. Eating and talking
27. Talking and chewing
28. Sleeping while the elders had already woken up.
29. Looking at the visitors while they are eating.
30. Stumbling and falling when walking.

31. Looking at an elder eye ball to eye ball.
32. When an elder is talking to you and you blink your eye.
33. When an elder is talking to you and you stared without blinking.
34. When you look at an elder with a corner eye.
When an elder points at you.
35. When your mates were playing Street football and you joined them to play.
36. When your mates were playing and you were not playing with them.
37. When you don’t wash your dish
38. When you don’t wash your dish properly
39. When you break your dish
40. When you bite your nails.

41. When you fail your exams. That was a serious crime.
42. When you get canned in school or any kind of offense committed in school. That fetched you more canning at home.
43. When you go to the local stream to frolic.
44. When you steal fruits from trees. This always attracted canning. But it was always worth the troubles for most kids. Can believe now kids have to be tricked & coaxed into eating fruit when we actually risked death by arrows, catapulted stones, flying cutlasses & being eaten by wild domesticated dogs, just to eat fruits.😀😀😀

Some of these reasons for beating a child may seem farfetched to children now, but they sure did give us some solid values, Some not effective but we learnt to be better parents now. 😀

Life Is Not Everything — Bipolar by cola

Life is not everything, a shadow of me, exists out there somewhere in the sea. Breath is not everything, a slight tense, is making the waking dream come sense. Light is not everything, the new dark comes, for the lonely soul who think he has won. Dark is not everything, light burns the night away […]

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5 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy 5th Anniversary with for YasNiger!!!!
YasNiger- “Witty Written Works” registered on 5 years ago Today.
Thanks to everyone for flying with me all this long while.
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boy & frog

It is a fact that children love to hear a ‘WHY STORY’ most of all. I learned this by complete chance and this revelation had set me on my greatest literary adventure yet.

A ‘WHY STORY’ is a very believable fictional story about why animals exhibit certain biological and behavioral characteristics. For ages adults told these sort of stories to their children and used them to thrill, entertain and educate them.

Animal Kingdom



When my grandson was a couple of months away from his fourth birthday, he thought sleeping was some sort of punishment. He dreaded going to bed and we could only put him to bed after he nods off to sleep in a chair or on the floor, while playing with his toys. When he rarely gets into bed awake, only imaginary reptiles and small animals lurking on the floor, would keep him in bed until he sleeps off. He was terrified of small animals but regards squashing tiny insects his birthright.
Ben & Judith (8)
The boy loves stories and adores hearing them, like most children do. He also likes telling stories himself, in his childish nonsensical style. The first time I told him a ‘WHY STORY’, he loved it so much that he told everybody else. Going to bed became much easier, with a promise to tell him a ‘WHY STORY’. He always has questions and these gave birth to another and yet another ‘WHY STORY’. He got into bed with little prompting and sleep time became a lot easier for all of us.

A ‘WHY STORY’ thrills and entertains children, it also educates them on the simplest things and builds their imagination. Read the words creatively, at the level of the child. Add a bit of something here or there, to make it more fun as the words paint pictures in the child’s mind. Few children stay awake after a ‘WHY STORY’ ends and they always want to hear it again and others like it, over again.

This Valentine and always afterwards, read your child a ‘WHY STORY’.


Lizards were lazy creatures and got their name for their laziness. They walk slowly on two legs and were not as fast as dogs, who had always walked on their four legs. The Lizards have sharp crafty tongues and can talk themselves out of any trouble, but are not quite smart. That was long before they had to scurry about in secret places, crawling in sneaky fashion, hiding away from everybody else.

There is a simple tale behind why chickens do not fly like most other birds do and it is the story of a young boy who wanted to have more fun than it is safe to have. Chickens were wise brave birds and once had long thick feathers in their wings, when they flew as high as eagles. Chickens were the oldest flying birds in the world back then because it took them long to grow thick feathers in their wings.

The bold prints and simple words in these books makes it easy for children to read themselves, in due course. The captivating tale encourages children to improve their reading skills.

Adults and children alike, enjoy reading, telling and hearing a ‘WHY STORY’.

Why Chickens Walk - Copy

Why Lizards Crawl - Copy


The new government in charge in Nigeria has embarked on a long overdue campaign against corruption. While the main focus is on the bigwigs, it is rather strange that ordinary folks appear to feel the crunch of the latest anti-corruption drive the most. Just maybe, more than ever before, Nigerians will come to terms with the reason why to the rest of the world, corruption is synonymous with Nigerians, not just the Niger-area they live in.



In an atmosphere where a large population doesn’t have simple answers to the most basic problems of their nation or indeed the slightest inkling of what the problems really are that are responsible for the overwhelming symptoms of such despicable magnitude, rectifying problems become hopeless. The entire nation seems to be calling out for any kind of lingering respite to a problem they don’t actually understand fully.


“The Niger-area calls out its people to arise as compatriots, to answer the call and obey, to serve diverse yearnings with their quest for spoils of all kinds. The people’s labour of long past shall never be in vain, as long as they serve with might and heart, to function based on little selfless wisdom and plenty of eased up selfish insanity. “

The Niger-area is the freest region on the African continent, if not the world. Its people laugh at the slaves of freedom in the west, who are not aware of what freedom truly gives them, if they are not really free to do as they honestly like. The many limitations that come with the organized lifestyles of so called developed nations render their long tested freedom styles tasteless and makes them a rich tasteless meal, exotic only because its classy whiff is an attachment of convenience to be eaten with only the right kind of cutleries.

However, in a land where business is not about service too, but primarily for the profit craved for, then profit is not the two way traffic it ought to be. Profit should satisfy both ways, and not some individual obsession of those who are able to dominate everything and everyone in every way. The discipline people show in their business is packed full of the opportunities they create for only themselves. It is this kind of orientation they comes along with functions in the Niger-area’s civil service, where and when the public servants bully their way into roles that further enslaves the common people they already dominate in all aspects of daily living.

The larger percentage of the Niger-area public servants’ stewardship continues to seek personal profit first, as they indiscriminately excel in their private pursuits mainly. The civil service is all about serving others and not self, hence a conflict is eminent at every turn of the people’s daily quest when those paid to serve their interest only serve themselves instead. This trend doesn’t follow the concept of separate entity which business and private ownership thrives on steadily.

It is the peoples’ life dependent desire to suffice amidst a mounting list of inabilities that forces them to react with cooperating with the corruption than solves their lack of fair opportunities. These corrupt civil servants, forcibly imposed military leaders and highly favoured politicians, deny the people their simply right to public service. The people of the Niger-area simply live in a mazy enclave of a grand collusion of all brands of public authority, functioning mainly in the most practicable means of corruption known to civilized man the world over.


The people’s labour for a fair opportunity to live comfortably is denied them by the lustful abilities of the nation’s leadership, represented not just by the elite but even the ordinary folks in simple places of authority. The simple rewards most privilege people receive for work done is full of abnormalities. The typical civil servant in the Niger-area can oddly afford to live well beyond their official means. They accomplish this feat against all odds because literally the land is full of partakers in this national pastime, in one form or another. It is an insurmountable anomaly that is ironically both cruel and favourable to all and sundry across the board, from an objective point of view. The lucky employed people’s capacity to do their work is continuously polished by everyone else, at the expense of the nation’s credibility. The nation appears to breed a long continous line of similarly gifted and well groomed corrupt people. It is a frustrating experience to abolish corruption in the Niger-area because everyone agrees they are not corrupt but thrive on corruption either directly or indirectly; everyone and everybody. The people of the Niger-area thrive from corruption, more than they do without it. For every single thing lost in the proper form, there isn’t a replacement in the improper form to supplement. Planning has to be on a last-card basis, few risks ever taken.

The nation’s leadership lost out on the key point of note. They failed to realize the importance of creating genuine honest opportunities for employees at the best rates of remuneration. It is the best way to reduce corruption, if there is a genuine will to do so. In the depth that makes up the core of the swelling problems of the nation is a deep set adherence to the reliable unwritten laws of corruption, which always sees to it that both the masses and the elite get through their common difficulties of getting even the simplest things done. It is the readily available factor which can be enlisted as the means of the practical aid needed to overcome basic problems of basic origins. Corruption is boisterous and exuberant in being so appropriate in providing solutions where there are none in sight. The people have always faulted corruption for many of their woes, hypocritical adjudging their assumed or presumed high standards for what they consider as fair and justified. They generally speak ill of the same corruption they rely heavily on to get undue advantage over each other at every given point they feel stuck, which is often.

Almost every time in the most corrupt circumstances, it is the undeserving person who deserves but is made unfortunate for purely manipulated reasons. The elite and the masses alike, readily use their privileged placings to their advantage and utilize bureaucratic bottle necks to their personal favour and this is always to personalized effect. The whole nation has stereotyped its view of institutionalized entities as a complex world of activities that render specific selfish functions to those within it that are favoured. Member of the society forget that what constitute an organized setting is basically the people. Formal entities are made of separate single individuals that function in their own personal capacities of family and at community levels first, and these are practically informal. Their daily functions as separate micro units are guided by their orientations and relationships with others.

These play a huge role in the manner people present themselves, within a larger context. This also includes how they represent their selfish desire to explore every possible means to get the upper hand at all times, irrespective of who is most deserving. Their efforts always buttress those actions that are constantly seeking to unset the perceived advantage of rivals. All visible encouragement obviously given to this trend is strictly insinuated by the general popular acceptance it receives. This is so especially from the inactions of the multitude concerned with it, the same people that get the bad end of these constantly reoccurring discreet corrupt practices. It is these same clearly disadvantaged persons who actually cheer the numerous gains of corruption and they identify with the reverence it gets in their communities that claim to abhor corruption. This irony is not only contradictory to their verbally professed beliefs, but it is also genuinely complex in revelation. It is completely opposite to what the aspiration for their nation as a whole is.


The country has become filled up with steadily growing perpetuators of the ills of corruption, so much that it is so hard to tell which form of it is derogatory and which isn’t anymore. Corruption has lost its bad face and with its constant gains as a sure means to get firm results; deservedly or not, its human vice status has gained more public appeal and taken on a popular human face. Corruption has bought itself an esteemed status with its visible gains and encouraged more and more people to partake with increasingly conscious intent. With its new air of acceptability, corruption naturally leads the whole community, with a visibly conscious flair. Almost everyone but not everyone, lives in the Niger-area with the honest knowledge that given the same opportunities as those in the most privileged positions, most of those now disadvantaged will happily do the same corrupt stuff, the very same corrupt things they are noisily criticizing others for doing presently.

The ordinary folks readily make all the other less privileged people around them as disadvantaged as they are and don’t think twice about it, because they see through the smoke screens and identify with the origin of their indigenous corrupt tendencies. The ethical origins of corruption are still evident in its manifestation as it was the case in the old days. Definitely the archaic and primitive ways of doing things had not been alone in bringing out the odd need to seek favours from those who can deliver and to gratify their own personal natural needs and lustful wants for merely doing so. Their resolve is to ensure that they follow their lust for selfish gains and still adhere to the dominant national principle of taking advantage of others always, and letting others take advantage of them on the same parallel.

They pay for these corrupt practices in every possible way, through varied and quietly unclear means, with clearly stated or insinuated terms. The insinuation is always clear even if the mode of payment isn’t always. The generous nature of all the perpetuators of corruption deceives by its actions and the lies it tells are quite intentional in every sense of it. All the benefactors are fools because they are used to satisfy a bigger need than they could provide for themselves and are thus only a means to another person’s brief joy, which they can not claim to enjoy too.

That is the only telling streak of corruption that is never necessitated by its course of action, an action not initially viewed as the selfish act it is. It is an action that always resumes its pull for a solution within the sphere of human attraction for individual needs first of all, and then a desire to maximize gains by all workable means. Each lie used to achieve this goal is a generous tool that is evidently steered towards that singular purpose of offering an insinuated insult to the individual who yields to corrupt advances. By succumbing to these advances, the individual is lowering the logical sense of value of their individuality. What credible worth that accrues to an individual is tainted and lost in due course with corrupt practices.


The Niger-area is heavily dependent on corruption and its civility lives within a peaceful anarchy, as a direct result of this. Civility endures the pains of justice when it is denied and suffers the roughness of a terrain it has no exact control over but must still live in. Strangely, it is unfairly just because it appropriately makes a case for the kind of prosperity the society finally attains. The kind of value the society gets at the end of the day characterizes the value it attaches to its wellbeing as a knitted modern society. A massive majority of the people represent this rude truth that runs in the essence of the nation. More than anything else, this speaks for the holistic national character of the entire nation, if nothing else does.

The popularity of corruption is cultural in the Niger-area and its visible effect makes it an accepted norm, embraced mainly because of its success, employed for its viability and endeared for its reliability. It lingers on for this simple reason as the whole country stares with awe as nothing else steadily brings a logical end to corruption without also ending established cultural norms, as they have always existed. Corruption has taken on the same meaning as what was erstwhile proper in the people’s custom. It has suitably taken on a similar face, like the use of faith and belief interchangeably. By admitting this contrasting advantage and shortcoming of malicious corruption, both perpetuators and critics of corruption simply affirm its strengths. The futility in the people’s competing selfish thinking and eventual deeds always comes to the fore even when it is negatively accepted. This likens how true faith always takes root with the illogicality of hope, while it is logical to assume that the reasoning of hope establishes individual and collective faith.

Corrupting became excusable in a land that symbolizes despots as successful icons, where incredibly expensive luxuriously reliable strong four wheel drives and huge standard utility vehicles aren’t only symbols of waste but essentially convenient means of transporting ostentatiously paid important public servants over badly maintained old highways. In a land where hard working people who desire to work for their earnings and have no wish to achieve anything from being lazy but from the harsh unpleasantness of earning an honest living, nothing has proven to be as resourceful to the diverse people as ramifications of corruption has.

Nothing fashioned against the resounding might of corruption prospers in the Niger-area because nothing has as yet replaced or promised to replace its real abundant achievements for the people who grew up relying on it for succor. If the people as one whole identifiable package, with the same single identity, do not have guaranteed legal access to the benefits of their nationhood and they must remain as one entity, then they will obviously take it without any consideration for how legally they do. They will stream out of their shores in search of the golden fleece they know they world offers and will look from it to the ends of the world. The people of the Niger-area will search in the most obscure lands, much poorer than their local villages, which they ran away from. They search in streets that are dirtier than their toilets or refuse heaps, look inside jails more hostile than their indigenous battle fields, in communities that hate them for just visiting. They look for more the only way they had learnt at home; the only way they see work.

Nigeria 2

The people’s determined whispers stir reasoning ideally fake, just like the leadership they always follow. They mimic a wrongly expressed sincerity and they have raised a banner that says as much to themselves and every other onlooker. Theirs is a fakeness that is too pronounced to be viewed as something else. They reek of shame as a people but individually claim holiness. A whole tradition altered itself to suit its fakeness and finds itself functioning not like it envisaged but like it fraudulently dared to, only so that it can sustain itself, as it calls itself.


Living is thwarted,
Obscured by its folly.
The mind is hunted,
Impossible even if jolly.

When a bird sings,
It’s because it must.
What any age brings
Speaks for you most.

Age plays the most games with women than it does with men. This is mainly the case because the woman was apparently drawn up into the human picture and plan, to perpetually be the subordinate of the man, with the definite fate of being indefinitely shortchanged, taken for an eternal ride and destined to be cheated by the clearly better edged up man.

The woman would obviously always not be preferred to her brother. She doesn’t get a better deal than her male siblings, as a child. She is bullied by her own mother and all female relatives into becoming like them. She is made only an amiable play thing by most relatives and more so by the sympathetic but guarded and invariably laid back attitude of her male relatives.

She is spanned and toyed with by her male partner like figure, because of her presumed limited capabilities, mummified by the shackles of his marriage and her subsequent motherhood. She is used and reused for her immeasurable, recyclable and incredibly cheap worth. Then eventually buried in and with the intangible praise she lived a lifetime hearing, without experiencing or feeling.

Age would always deceive every single accomplished or failed woman alike. She would live on to recount her worries, those she had since forgotten or gotten quite used to, until they don’t bug her any longer when she is used to them. This is the curse of the woman irrespective of her people or their creed.

the poet in the poet




Truly men are all these;
Gamine and very equal.
Same flock, like geese;
Gracile, fat, low or tall.

Man envies other fauna’s
So ordered chauvinism;
Governing sexes’ manners,
Which he lost to pessimism.

His most domesticated flora
Flowers in care and abuses,
Beyond its feminine aura;
Winning just as he looses.

The good old Goose
Lost her lone Gander.
Proudless of her loss,
Matured beyond order.

Living with only them,
By the hedges they grew.
For that edge over them,
He still says, ‘Grâce â Dieu!’

good for the goose - Copy
Good for the goose

Read an Ebook Week 2015 Kicks off Today!

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The Proposal

Is it impossible to ideally explain one’s love with just words?

Read through this excerpts from ‘Fever: The origins of fever’ and see if you identify with the emotions & concerns registered by the couple.
The sparkle went out of her eyes and returned as quickly as it left. A child would easily realize that she had actually paused in thinking as she unconsciously held her breath. Her lighter facial complexion took on that glossy oily texture that belied the held notion that dark skinned people don’t blush.

Then she exhaled with a loud audible whizzing whoosh. She consequently turned and looked away with that pretentious awe that the suddenness or a lack of it, always seems to demand of most puberty weaned women in similar circumstances. It was indeed pretentious, but not remotely hypocritical.

She wasn’t blank in her head, that solitary place of the mind’s earnest thoughts was busy celebrating that he had ventured into her loneliest coziest secret thoughts.

As she remained silent for that briefest while and looking away, it encouraged him greatly. She was sure making him say more would rapture any bag of beautiful lies he would try to hide with the elegant beauty of so many sweet words.

The much she knew about him said he is a very analytic young man. He uses all the space he has wisely, so she used up all the opportunity to observe and comprehend the genuineness of his intention fully. The marvel of it appeared simple, as she refrained from speaking for a prolonged while but even as she tarried to let him say more, it didn’t deter him.

His confidence waned just a shade. So he went ahead to recite most of the niceties he had grown weary composing all night, for every night since the idea had come to him, and that is almost for as long as he had known her.

He had made up pictures in his mind of both of them in fantasized romantic closures and slowly he lost control of this most secretive activity of his mind, as it forcibly crept into every single one of his nightly dreams and daily thoughts.

Right there on the vast lawns of his large coastal home, that stretched onto the piled sands edging the ocean, bordering yet another end of an endless expanse of mostly calmly unstable salty water, he mumbled his thoughts out loud with the hopeful prayer that she would let her compassionate heart speak and not her wise mind. That her heart would be mindless of what her mind would warn it of and she would let his dreams come true.

He attempted to prove the truth of his love for her in as many words, as best as he verbally could, but realized it is quite impossible to ideally explain one’s love with just words. Still he felt with the so many words he was able to cramp into that brief, he had said enough not to have his sincere intention summarily dismissed by her. He hoped the much he said ought to convince her that he was only bent on making her happy and loved.

The young lady had her very own fears of not being perceived to be merely a very good act. She had hoped that the courage he showed in being so blunt with her hadn’t come from something she did or said. It was important to her that her true feelings towards him did not come across and show off so easily. He is a very wealthy good looking young man and that ought to easily make him attractive to every young lady for so many wrongly deduced right reasons. She was worried that he didn’t draw the wrong conclusion about her.

As he waited for her response with tensed up repressed emotions, she failed in her effort to disguise the intensity of the relief that overwhelmed her, as she decided to gamble her trust.

They knew they couldn’t possibly loathe themselves and must fill their minds with enough knowledge of the honest nice feelings that ridicule them. She exhaled and sighed silently, then also fulfilled her six months old wish by wordlessly embracing him in her simple sincere act of acceptance and submission.

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Women are made to bear, Sweet Katharina!

It has always been the Woman’s prerogative to be tolerated, I guess.


( from The Taming of the Shrew 

by William Shakespear, 1593 )

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Gentlemen, importune me no farther,
For how I firmly am resolved you know;
That is, not bestow my youngest daughter
Before I have a husband for the elder:
If either of you both love Katharina,
Because I know you well and love you well,
Leave shall you have to court her at your pleasure.

[Aside] To cart her rather: she’s too rough for me.
There, There, Hortensio, will you any wife? …

Marry, sir, to get a husband for her sister.

A husband! a devil.

I say, a husband.

I say, a devil. Thinkest thou, Hortensio, though
her father be very rich, any man is so very a fool
to be married to hell? …

Petruchio, since we are stepp’d thus far in,
I will continue…

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DARE DA MUTUWA (Night and Death)


Satan cooked his soup
Down in his darkest loop,
Where the Angel does reign
With cunning, fear and pain.

In some pit in that bowel
Of cooking fiery hell
Stayed two trivial ones,
Only peasants here once.

They didn’t say at first
What lust and thirst
Had conceived for them
Eternity in that realm.

How they did manage
To slip the timeless age
And torments they live,
Is beyond its believe.

To his loop they went;
All fearless and bent,
Stealing his whole pot
And left with the lot.

His sinfulness’ roar
And his flames tore.
All hell broke loose,
A search he chose.

Emptied pot aground.
They were then found,
After a taste revealed,
His dishes aren’t mealed.

His food all waste;
Brewed of the haste
Of souls he did tap
Missing their last lap.

How do you punish
All those to finish
Forever in those hells,
Within their dead cells?

They did though say;
Here once as they lay,
Their ten years old ma
Calls ‘em Dare da Mutuwa.


Within the abyss rule;
Hidden is a secret pool
Of very cool pure water
Satan uses as it matter.

Because in all his might
He has only just sight
And can not ever know
A thought until it show.

He bribes and tease
His tenants with ease,
To know their thought
With the water sought.

How they always manage
To cheat timeless age
And agony they live,
Mortals cannot believe.

As Satan does prowl;
They nicked his bowl.
The water-skull whole,
Hell’s only thieves stole.

His cruelness’ roar
And his sulfur pour.
All hell broke loose,
A search again chose.

They were again found;
Empty skull aground,
After they drank its fill.
Their grin said a deal.

How may he punish
Those set to finish
Their lives in his hell,
Hopefully in their cell?

That’s where they failed,
When here they sailed.
For of all man has met
It’s always choice left.

That night she flirt
With death and dirt,
Their ten years old ma
Called ‘em Dare da Mutuwa.


Away on bad business,
Satan sets hell’s sadness.
Off to gain souls more,
He left hell as before.

How they again manage
To trick timeless age
And the pain they live,
Satan can’t just believe.

To his loop they went;
Again fearless as bent,
Stole his best soup yet
And with the lot left.

His demons they gave,
Smiling all so brave.
Hell has no conscience;
It produces disobedience.

As the guards ate away
Hell’s tenants stole away.
To his loop all went,
Many scared but bent.

They found in his rule
That hidden secret pool
Of cool water so pure.
Every one drank his cure.

There in warmth all stay,
From cell-pits’ heat away.
Here Satan found all;
He needn’t a roll call.

It was clearly mutiny
Beyond hell’s immunity.
He cherished his reign
And fear for his domain.

He casts the twins out,
They went with a shout.
How else could he punish
Those who seek his finish?

Again here they return
Like before are reborn.
Their ten years old ma
Calls ‘em Dare da Mutuwa.



He stands alone, with his fixed eyes too wide open.

NE He suddenly shouts out loud.

Father curse my grave not
For tried have I to crack this nut.

BI She walks in gracefully and glares at him; smiling mischievously and hardening her expression.

Am I to be proud of your throne?
Or grieve for you, brother-stone?

NE Shouting even louder at her.

You bleached witch!
You’re a cursed bitch!

She eyes him.

She has no tale to say
Just poor hearts to slay.

He faces her sharply.

And if I lie, say your tale, cat!
Let us see if you own a heart.

BI Turning away from him.

A heart no different from yours.
One just as weak, it even pours.

It’s hard as stone
As it stands alone.
It is as dry as heat
As it exists to beat.

It is a wound
Another foot found,
When it feels cheated.

It’s like a Dove
So faultlessly in-love,
When it is forcibly seated.

NE He walks away with a thoughtful expression. Stops and faces her.

No! It just weeps,
Wails with tears.
And that is all it keeps;
Tears, like all its peers.

BI Facing him too.

But it suffers
Like many waters.
Its say isn’t first
So it cries in hate.

NE But can’t you see,
That’s how it must be?

BI A free soul knows no must.
When it does then it has lost.

NE Our nature left it so;
Fathers let us know.

BI Shouting.

Can’t you see it made me weak,
Just that feeble fault to seek?


He has us where he wished,
Ready and ripe to be dished.

It was what he sought for
And we all let him score.

Can’t you see his said bit?
‘If you can’t have it, kill it!’


Can’t you just see?
He wants to kill me!

She starts to sob.

NE He briefly waits for her to stop sobbing.

No my sister, it’s not you.
Neither is it both of us too.

Look at all the past, then the future;
You’ll see it’s me he must puncture.

Their eyes meet.

BI Your meaning;
It’s still hidden?

NE He moves closer to her; giving her his hands, but she ignores his hands. He withdraws his hands and folds them across his chest.

You look but see you can’t;
It never ever was your grant,
Destined to sit on a low stool
To work like every other tool.

To sit and milk
Not stand and think.
To kneel and cry
Not pull and try.
To weep when hurt
Not mend your hut.

To sew old clothes
Not make new hoes.
To wash all the dirty
Not face any scary.
To carry pots on the head
Not protect a whole herd.

To bring water home
Not blow the war horn.
To sing at all feasts
Not kill the beasts.
To hum kids to sleep
Not hold a firm grip.

To stand-by always
Not seek your ways.
To dance merry days
Not care who pays.
To smoke the fish
Not provide the dish.

To cook the meal
Not make the deal.
To stay home and wait
Not worry about a bait.

He places his arms akimbo.

BI She lowers her eyes.

You never miss an opportunity
To question my sexed humanity.
Is it because I’m the woman?
Or because you’re the man?

She lifts her face again, but their eyes do not meet.

I was born many years after you
And that the land knows is true.
But if it were maybe the reverse,
You still wouldn’t be better in this verse.

She hisses.

NE Sternly.

What is your meaning?
What is it you’re saying?

BI Or is the meaning too hot
That you choose to ask what?

You don’t find it charming
So you’re instead pretending.


I know, oh fearless bear,
As I say words you hear
I never fail to enrage you;
Even with nothing yet new.

NE Almost choking with rage.

I think your outstretched madness
Is beginning to double in hardness.

BI Laughs curtly.

Mine I believe is better.
O, by so much further.

And if you wish to know
I am so willing to show.

Raising her voice.

I wouldn’t have let you have it easy,
Like your betrothed so stupidly did.
I would’ve made you so very busy,
You wouldn’t recall your every deed.

You ran away quickly then;
Hid your face like a Rabbit.
Yet you claim to live in a den;
And killing your inherited habit.

I’ve always said she let you;
For if she were anything like me
And if she had my nerves too,
You would’ve felt like you see.

NE Looking dejected.

If it was anything,
It wasn’t my doing.

She wasn’t as stupid,
As our cultural deed.

His expression hardens, anger lining his brows.

I know all their believes;
That I cowardly gave in.
As the pressure conceives
My guts just went all thin.

Isn’t it?
Wasn’t it?

He faces her.

I just let him take her?
I was so scared of him.
Or I didn’t want her.
So I left her for him.

Isn’t it?
Wasn’t it?

He turns away from her.

If I wasn’t hindered by the thought
Of what her mean father would do,
If I made him loose all he sought;
I wouldn’t be stuck with just you.

His anger visibly increases.

Because I won’t take it cool
She drowned in her own pool.

That leaf was the prince by birth.
To her father I was just mere dirt.

His whole body shook with his anger.

If our father hadn’t succumbed to his father
And I was king today not that tiny feather;
Not even the sun will reveal
That I do choose to conceal.

She backs off as he faces her again.

And this day my very own blood
Stands in the wake of our sorrow
As I try saving the flightless bird
From schemes against her morrow.

He approaches her.

Not caring if it pains my honour
That she managed to get involved
In our eminent clash of armour,
Or if she had me partly devoured.

She attempts to dash off but he grabs her arm.

Of what use is your life
If it is the cursed knife
They will use to kill me
And forever dry my sea.

He pulls her by the arm towards his sharply. She struggles to free herself but he grabs her throat, one hand at a time and tries to strangle her. She frantically tries to fight him off as she starts to gasp for air. Suddenly he pushes her away, looks down at his hands in disbelief. Regaining her composure, she starts to laugh; softly at first and then mockingly louder.

You’ve every reason to laugh I agree
Because you just narrowly escaped
Your just penalty with every degree
Ever possible for one so ill-fated.

BI She massaged her neck.

Far from it my brother,
Is why I do bother.

It is just that I recall
In the past not so long

When our own old maid
To me she had once said;

“Beware of this devil,
He is full of every evil.
Yes he is your brother,
But I see what is further.

“And in days more in front,
With an expression for hunt
And hands on your throat
He’ll squeeze out your thought.”

She smiles thoughtfully.

She however forgot to say
If that will be my last day.

But as you held me not long off;
As I heaved and gasp my last puff,
I thought it had come to pass
As my life dried up like grass.

It makes me laugh for I know
That even if you knew how,
Unlike every other manly soul
You can’t strike a killing hole
In the heart of even a dead being
Long banished for a terrible sin.

She pauses and turns to face him.

Not to mention a strong living one.
When it comes to guts, you’ve none!

She suddenly slaps him and runs out.

NE Yelling on top of his voice.

You mean forsaken lone whore.
Aren’t you the problem I foresaw?
Didn’t your work cause the worry?
Yet you still hold back your sorry.

He begins to pace back and forth.

If only you chose not to sleep with him.
You knew it could have been a scheme.

You, yourself, mentioned it so to me;
You called my attention to look and see.

You said we had them where we wanted
And we could also take them for granted.

I warned you to forget all about them.
I told you not to play their icy game.

No! You would not listen.
Because you’ve this thing!
You claimed he’d get hooked.
Now look who got crooked.

Of all the many tricks in the world,
They pick the one with the best hold.
And now you carry his child,
Without shame for your pride.

For all our old honour’s sake,
You knew what was at stake.
You knew the king had sent him;
You knew it had to be his scheme.

And now look, just you look!
The worm is in its own hook.

He looks at his bare feet and shook his head.

Heaven know I never liked the boy.
What was his name again, the toy?

He starts to pace again, faster.

He is attractive, oh yes.
You won’t settle for less.

He planted the seed of his manhood,
Settled back and saw his work is good.

He puts in you his fruit;
Swore it wasn’t the truth.

And I bet this very day his master king
Is presently knighting him with a ring.

He stops pacing.

Now the land wants your head
For it isn’t so seen or heard,
That the unwedded is so heavy
With such an unclaimed baby.

He calms down.

Our culture has it that way
And so you just must pay.

Why should you have risked it;
When you knew you’re the hit?

Shouting again.

Now I can’t even explain
Why I must have my claim,
With this thing still hanging
And I must start haggling.

Everyone knows this very well,
I won’t forego mine even in hell.

That throne is my birth right,
If only grandfather wasn’t a mite
As to gamble it away in a match
And die like an egg yet to hatch.

And softly.

If only father had the might
To really stand out and fight.

She reenters slowly and their eyes meet.

And just when I had my own plans
To get my throne back in my hands,
You put to risk efforts to regain the lost
With your disgusting, selfish, sexual lust!

She looks away and he does the same.

And what has her shameless mind decided?
Is it to wait for the bulge to be all sighted,
Then act as it is to be expected of her,
Which is to be married to the owner?

He starts to mimic her talking.

“Oh, that will be if he agrees it is his.
Then he will have my dear little sis,
As his most honoured wife to keep;
One he’ll have within his firm grip.”

He looks at her.

Is that the way she will go?
Is that then what she’ll do?

BI Still by the entrance; she lifts her head, their eyes meet.

You know my anger as well as I.
It isn’t because he chooses to lie.
You also know I wouldn’t allow
A situation where that baby cow;
Who claims he is king in these parts,
Can control me like one of his cats.
I won’t let him tame your just effort,
For it is your right you duly sought.

NE He smiles.

Now you tell me,
Now your eyes see.

BI She looks away again.

I knew all this while
And I also saw it pile.

NE With distaste.

Now that you really think,
You wish to make the link.
You know your only chance,
Which you set out to enhance.

Now that you just might
Lose more than your sight.
You settle for the available,
Since others aren’t obtainable.

BI Still not facing him.

You do me great injustice
And you most truly notice.
I’m your sister, my dear brother.
We’re of a same single mother.

NE And the very same father,
One who surely do matter.

One who valued his armour
As he did his sure honour.

To his blood you bring disgrace,
Which source hasn’t a family trace.

BI Now turns to face him.

I stood here and heard you tear me,
Lashing my sex from every degree.
You know I am what I was made
And my future was all you men said.
If I was to remain ever honourable,
I was to remain as ever controllable.

Slowly walks up to him.

I was destined to sit on a stool
While you alone went to school.

I was to sit down quietly to milk
While they only hear you think.

I was to kneel down and cry
While idle they let you fly.

I was to weep when hurt
While you tear out my gut.

She smiles at him.

I was to mend all clothes
While you look for mangoes.

I was to wash everything dirty
While you enjoy making them filthy.

I was to carry pots on my head
While you relaxed on your bed.

I was to bring water home
While you never leave me some.

I was to sing songs at feasts
While you ate the best of the beasts.

I was to hum the kids to sleep
While you made their tears drip.

I was to stand by them always
While you went away for days.

I was to dance on happy days
While you emptied the trays.

I was to smoke the fish
While you made your wish.

I was to cook every meal
While you ate to your fill.

I was to stay at home and wait
While you stay out ever so late.

She looks away thoughtfully.

I guess that was how it was to be.
It was how I was taught to agree.

I was to be brought up a wife
And you the bold feeding knife.
So if indeed we really do differ,
There is no real cause to bother.

They are both silent as they stare into space.

NE Turns slowly and stares at her back.

That is the least of my worries;
Worrying brings me no glories.

Let nature shoulders the blame of the past
And the future, all that of those who last.

I will do what I must for a course,
Not because you are some curse.

She turns to look at him briefly and then turns away.

I remember so very well
As father left for his hell,
He shook his grey old head
And swore his hope is dead.

In me he saw no good future,
He saw someone not mature.

But to him I swore as I wept
Till this time such I’ve kept.

I wouldn’t if I had my way,
Yet I do to make real my say.

She turns to look him in the eye.

BI I pray we indeed have a divine fan.
I fear this is too much for just a man.

NE And what to man is more divine?
Would you please kindly define?

BI A God perhaps, or more.
A being whose way is sure.

Suddenly with such vigor and enthusiasm.

A God like the old lady ever says.
A God with the most holy ways.
A God so good to such a fault.
A God who ever knows no halt.
A God who guides the confused.
A God who has never refused.
A God that will always wait.
A God that has an open gate.

A God so full of every power.
A God as great as every tower.
A God that will not just fight.
A God that gives sight at night.
A God ever rich and so pure.
A God that has a real future.
A God full of all that is good.
A God that gives spiritual food.

She looks for a reaction in his face, he smiles at her.

NE I must say; a true believer.
Or rather, yet another deceiver.

He lets out a short laugh.

You forget that she was also my maid
And everyday of my growth so she said.
However unlike you I used my brain,
For I also remember her story of rain.

He changes his voice to a weak female’s.

“We cried and cry,
Prayed and so pray.
The wind will blow,
Our tears will flow.
He shows his pity
To every tiny city.
And comes the rains
To let out all grains.”

He laughs again.

There is no God but gold,
Like beans is always a pod.
There is no means as might,
Like not a sight without light.

He grins.

And that my lovely holy dear,
I tell you without reservations;
Is what I think of her grey hair
And her silly, weird resolutions.

He laughs louder.

Like everybody else
I act on my best sense.

I may cry when I’m sad;
Bite my nails when it’s bad.
But no matter how they try,
My joy will keep to the sky.

I have searched thoughts of earth
And heard great tales with strength.
I am yet to solve so many puzzles,
My heart roams in empty bubbles.

If I am to know any peace;
Not just its soothing breeze,
Then I must open all my holds
With my mind soaked in these words;

‘Only when the bubble burst
And every known evil has lost
Will I bow and share my mat
With any being with all my heart.’

She remains quiet as he exits slowly.

BI It must surely make him hurt,
For from the day of my birth
I had been of another path.


He now laughs at me
Because he can now see
What my sure fate will be.

That old maid’s God
Made my soul so cold
And I do feel all sold.

These feelings I didn’t know,
They’re contrary to my own;
Feelings I have never known.


Though I knew from the on-set
I was to foolishly allow and let
That proclaimed pitiful royal pet,
Hurt my swelled up firm pride
And make me run away and hide,
For never will I be a proud bride.

Our archaic heartless custom;
Which we are yet to overcome,
Separates me till my end come.
It is the same faceless culture
That has managed in its nature
To render us all so ill-mature.

She places both her hands on her head dispiritedly.

It all has me by the edge
And I can hear the sage
Announce the end of my age.

She sighs visibly and placed her hands akimbo.

And what has come over my mind,
For I am speaking like a tender tide?

It must have been the old female,
Who had cast on me her own spell.

She let her hands fall.

I am no one’s game,
To so cunningly tame.

I have lost to no one;
I had a contest with none.

If there is any justice,
I’m sure it takes notice.
For my sake as any other,
It shall bring all to order.

This isn’t a supposed dream,
Though it sounded a scream.

Words will give courage
As situations bring rage.

Shutting her eyes firmly, she frowns.

Songs of my naïve stupidity,
I am loosing my own sanity.
Or has it been lost for long
And I’m singing an old song?

NE He storms in angrily, startling her.

What is all these I hear?
Can’t I run things my way?
Who orders around here?
Am I not with the final say?

I see you let the old one leave
And it isn’t even on some errand,
For all she owns she didn’t leave.
What is all this I don’t understand?

BI She appeared surprised.

I surely did no such thing!
You’re wrongly informed.
I didn’t know of her leaving,
Nor her purpose mentioned.

NE With a bewildered expression.

If I say I saw such a thing,
Then truly so did it occur.
Go and see if I am mistaken,
Pray so in your heart’s core.

She hurries out and left him pacing back and forth. After a relatively short quiet while, she runs in panting.

BI I call but no one to hear.
There isn’t a soul there.

NE He continues to pace back and forth.

Please allow me to think.
Don’t let your heart sink.

She falls to her knees in resignation as he stops pacing abruptly. He steals a short look at her and smiles broadly as she looks back at him inquiringly. He remains quiet and suddenly she gets up and attempts to exit again.

Woman, bother no more and hear.
It is so obvious we are alone here.

BI She stops and returns.

We should go out and look for them.
If you won’t come I’ll go alone then.

NE He grins.

Can you not for once just listen?
Escape chances rarely heighten.
It is missed again and yet again,
Then gotten back again, as is pain.

Listen to what I am saying first,
Must you think you know best?

She hesitates but still exits.

The confused and ignorant fool,
She’ll swim in her blood’s pool.
I wonder why she can’t see it all,
As it stands before her so, so tall.

The poor, poor child,
Really needs a guide.
If only she’ll accept
This so plain concept
As it spreads the fact
Before her so, so flat.

It’s simple to recognize
But not to also analyze.
A child comprehends
Sleep heals to all ends.
Its course is very clear
As it is also very near.

He laughs curtly.

Even the wind senses it too
And it refuses to blow through.
Even this noon’s shining sun knows
And stays behind a cloud that shows.
Even the flies understand
And they all desert the land.
Even houses feel the danger
And their walls peel in anger.

When the day’s time crawls
Like a kitten with hurt paws.
When the lone sun will hide
Like the earth is after its hide.
When all the flies would flee
Like no one heard their plea.
When a house suddenly ages
Like wilting years old hedges.

Why wouldn’t the servants show it
And seek to leave before they’re hit?
Why wouldn’t they run away
And find a safer place to stay?

He starts to pace back and forth again.

You wake up one morning,
And the world is mourning.
You ask to find out why,
Everyone decides to be shy.
You fake you comprehend,
But they do not even pretend.
You ignore all their movements,
But your whole mind it torments.
And when you start to get angry,
Faces without meaning they carry.


You then found out
Yet went on about.


You couldn’t understand
Why they took this stand.

You were not to worry,
So they didn’t say sorry?

And when you didn’t bother,
They conclude you aren’t sober.

Even louder.

You lost your most dear father
And your life you must murder?

He pauses and shuts his eyes, as if in thought.

So what if your father was so good?
Like everyone, he had a bad mood.

Opening his eyes.

He dies from some disease
And you must start to please!
Not your family or yourself,
They put all that on a shelf.
But some haggard old sage
Who thinks ability is age.


And when you refuse,
You’re seen as refuse.
And he casts his spell
And promised you hell.

Shouting on top of his voice.

I am a blood prince,
This I’ve known since.
I am truly immortal,
The same sage made that call.

He sought the Gods
And revealed their words.
He said so to my father
After I had exit mother.

Then he wanted her killed
For the Gods to be pleased.

Now he is against his creation
With a very pathetic formation
Of a very fake spineless king
And his huge army of nothing.


On my part I know,
Whether later or now,
I shall have his head
Stored beneath my bed.

He smiles, grins and laughs.

You make me laugh each day,
My dear old distaste-able beast.
And take it just as I plainly say;
On your lifeless corpse I’ll feast.

BI Rushing in quite agitated.

We must now leave!
We must go, please!

She walks aimless and confused. He ignores her.

It is he on the throne;
The one they call bone.
And the mean old priest;
The one you call beast.

He smiles indifferently.

This is not a joke,
I can see the smoke.

NE He now looks at her.

Say your piece,
If you’ll please.

BI Calming down.

When I ran away from here
To search here and there
For our helps who ran away,
I saw that all along the way
There is not a soul to be seen,
So my friend’s place I’ve been.

She swallows.

I sneaked in through a back door
And she told me the story so sour.

Because mother wasn’t sacrificed
At your birth like he had sanctified.

Because you didn’t give the priest
A large gift for burying our eldest.

She said he cast a spell on you;
That will come to pass as true.

Though no man, beast or thing
Can on its own end your living.

You’ll have another cause of end
And it is such your life will tend.

Then he made a fate for your life,
Cutting your destiny like a knife.

Any day for a reason or another
You lay your pride all together
And let yourself weep and cry;
That day you shall surely die.

NE He laughs loud and long.

Surely he can do better than that?
And what is the throne’s own part?

BI The king is terrified of you,
That much she says is true.

However, they wish to make you cry
And that is the reason why I must fry.

She looks away and shuts her eyes.

NE With true sympathy.

O’ my one dearest sister,
Why let your faith loiter?

BI She looks at him briefly, then away.

I just think it is too serious
And we must be cautious.

I fear because I know
That just about now,
People are all indoors
Waiting in twos or fours;
Waiting to hear you bend
So as to rejoice your end.

NE He walks away from her, visibly angry.

No! They wait to hear who’ll win,
For they know deep down within;
That justice is about to resurrect
And put everything again correct.

He turns around to face her.

Have no single cause to worry,
You’re after all not the quarry.


Though they got you in the way,
It will certainly be just as I say.
We’ll come out without a scratch,
That’s the gains of an honest search.

Justice shall always prevail,
For there is more in its trial.
It is always the bias host,
That says one guest is first.

Justice is always pure clean
As surely dirty is any sin.
So very sure and honest
And so pure and modest.

BI I fear for our sake;
I fear for our fate!
Why must it lead us through this path?
Why should it seize our lives from birth?

NE That is what distinguishes
And also what differentiates
A mere dream from wishes;
For the living and their fates.

That is what always shows
A dominant bull from its cows.
That is what brings to light
Flight from the slightest fright.

That is what nullifies
Greatness based on lies
And what will uphold
Those cast in solid gold.

BI Surely there is a safer way to take,
One that all of us it wouldn’t forsake.

NE There is always such a way,
But in the end you must pay.
Pay for all the idle lazy ease
You have had as you please.

The reason why it is so hard
To become the ones heard,
Is so as to harden the hearts
Of all who are of great paths.

Those who become mighty;
To remain so for all eternity,
Aren’t those who steal their way;
Those fall off and never stay.

BI I don’t know how to attain greatness,
But I certainly do know of its fruitfulness.
For that reason I do love to remain up,
Forever enjoying with a richly full cup.

For I most certainly favour progress,
Even if it is just a withering head-dress.

NE It is either the blood or heart,
That determines the destined path.
If it is the blood, it is a right.
If it is the heart, it is might.

Each can duly make it there
And keep aloft without fear.
Together they are a winner,
Even if it is for the worst sinner.

When it is said to be the soul,
Then you’re a dreamer, that’s all.
All your dreams remain unrealistic,
Even if they’re feasible and fantastic.

BI She stares at him thoughtfully for a while.

But sometimes doesn’t it make you wonder
Why is it that despite all this order
Life is so insecure
And very unsure?

Sometimes doesn’t it make you shrink,
To just sit and really think;
How unsafe you really are,
Even if all call you sir?

Sometimes don’t you just inwardly seek
Answers to things that make you sick;
Things that you can see
And those that are to be?

Sometimes doesn’t it shake your being
To know you can’t do a thing;
Even if you are the greatest
And the sole mightiest?

Sometimes doesn’t it uproot your guts
To know all your answers carry buts;
Even if of all the world’s wise men
You are the greatest one of them?

Sometimes don’t you become nervous
With all around you so noxious,
And knowing so very well
Each could be your end?

Sometimes don’t you seek safer refuge
As you’re amidst problems so huge;
Seek to hide your face
With your every pace?

Sometimes doesn’t it just dawn on you
That in spite of you and others too,
Your journey would take a bend
And just come to an end?

NE No! Because when you sit to ponder
As you grow each day older,
You learn to invent a cure
As you become more mature.

Because when you try, you make the link
Between those good and those that stink,
For then you will see that in this pair
There is nothing to fear.

Because when you have started to pick
Questions for answers that isn’t thick,
Only then will every wig you see
Always hide an ineludible bee.

Because when you wake up every morning
You start to look towards every evening,
So you do those things you do best
And leave the others for the rest.

Because when you are really hurt
You are bound to start to loathe,
So you can’t say why then
On your farm it doesn’t rain.

Because when you choose to be cautious
In going about hopes so luxurious,
Of all the meaning you will sell
None will ring a single bell.

Because when you see all the rotten as refuse
Many are you certain to erroneously abuse
And throw out of your own race
What would have left your trace.

Because sometimes we do one instead of two
And that is why it remains to be true
That we can not really mend
These silly holes of doubt we tend.

BI Your way with words
Is only for the lords.

NE It is in my courage filled blood;
Strong as the mightiest flood.

He smiles.

Alas, I do thirst.
Spare me first.

She exits for the drink and he stood staring thoughtfully up at the ceiling, with his hands behind his back.

BI Still out of sight and loudly.

Enable us Gods!
Lead us O lords!

She runs in, empty handed.

NE Alarmed, but visibly angry.

Nameless witch!
Seasoned bitch!

Worst of the stupid,
Where is my liquid?

BI Frightened.

From what I just beheld
It wouldn’t do any good.
If in the past we were bled,
Then the gods want more blood.

NE Showing interest.

O, say it is he.
Say so to me!

BI She nods in reply, he smiles and smartly exits.

We must quickly take our leave
For here they are soon to achieve!

His muffled laughter is heard.

Can you please not hear?
We shouldn’t still be here!

NE He enters calmly.

Please do panic not,
You must go forth.
Go on to our cousin,
Who is now at the inn.

Say to him like I now do say,
‘To your men where they lay,
For the time is now upon us.
As predicted, its time for force.’

BI Visibly terrified.

But what is to be of you while I’m gone,
For it will be so long before we return.

NE Impatiently.

Just be quickly gone,
Worry not of my lone.

BI But..

NE Out!

BI They’re almost upon us now.

NE Then use the rear or anyhow.

Turns away.

But see you hurry and go.
Be so fast and careful too.

BI But I can’t leave you here.

NE Leave forth-with, you hear!?

They exit simultaneously from opposite ends.

BI She slowly re-enters.

O heavens up above,
O earth of good love;
Aid us this moment,
Spare us this torment.

NE His muffled voice is heard shouting.

Sons of adulterers!
Heirs of wanderers!

She visibly shivers.

Born of whores,
Humanity’s sores!

She covers her face with both hands.

Show me each your face,
And extinguish your race!

She kneels and starts to weep.

Don’t stand there like it isn’t real,
Advance and embrace my steel!


She stops weeping, crawls to a corner and sits quietly on the floor. He rushes back inside with a bloodied sword in his left hard. He doesn’t see her huddled up in a corner. He kneels down and rests his hands and chin on the sword’s ‘crossed’ handle as he positioned the sword upside down in front of his knelt frame, with the blade-tip balanced first on the hard floor.

She must now be on her way back.
The enemy has shown what it lack.

He laughs.

But I am not so fooled,
Thus I’ll not be lured.
If I am so shaken,
Then I’ll be taken.
When my cousin arrive,
We shall together drive.

I’ll take law and crown
To the hell they do own.
And I will start the symbol
Of a much better era than all.
The symbol of a new image
That will live in every age.

BI I still shudder,
My dear brother.

He is startled by the sudden sound of her voice behind him. He turns around slowly and he appears even more surprised to see her still there with him, sitting there on the floor behind him. He glares at her angrily.

I’m sorry my brother,
It is for you I bother.

She stands as he lets the sword drop with a clatter on the floor.

I was so scared.
For you I feared.

He is so angry that he visibly shakes.

Please my brother,
Pardon your sister.

He stands up and she backs off as he approaches her.

NE This very day you cause me great sorrow
As you murder everyone of my tomorrow.

She is very terrified.

BI Backing away from him still.

I will go right now.
I could, you know.

NE Shouting.

Now, when we’re surrounded?
Your plea is simply unfounded!

She attempts to dash off for the exit, but he blocks her off and attempts to grab her neck with both hands. She tries to fight him off but he is too strong for her, as they briefly wrestle with their arms. He succeeds and starts to strangle her. She chokes and gasps for air, trying to beat his hands away. He tightens his hold, soon she weakens, but he doesn’t relax his hold. Then she stops struggling and slumps to the floor; he maintains his hold. She is finally lying motionless on the floor as he held onto her neck still. Suddenly he stops and pushes her away, stands up and looks down at her in sudden realization of what he had just done. In the complete silence that follows he lets out a long cry of anguish and falls on her still body, weeping. After a while he abruptly stops crying and stands up from her corpse. He looks down briefly at her body, before he turns away and picks up his sword. He starts to walk out but stops in pain, drops the sword to clasps his chest. He falls to the ground in pain and starts to roll on the floor till he is also lying very still, with his face up. His hands lie lifeless by his sides and his body completely still, with his eyes and mouth lifelessly wide open. They lie side by side, beside each other.


Seasoned meat,
Tongue’s delight.
Sheltered heat,
Diminished light.

Truth salts,
Like tears.
And paths,
Reveal fears.

Night sleeps,
Light wakes.
Sheep reaps,
Ant makes.

When ripe,
Eat fruit.
Every life
Has soot.

Yoked, alone;
They peered.
Even stone
Has feared.

Even odds
Can even.
Even odds,
Odds even.