A totally enjoyable read; if you don’t support Obama.


Remember the great 80’s tune “We didn’t start the fire” by Billy Joel?..Yes a great song and also a running history lesson of life over the last 50 years. Well folks, it is high time for an updated version of this classic and unique song. This time, we will focus not on the last 50 years, but the last FOUR years, the era….or should we say “error” of Obama. Yes, we take you on a nostalgic tour of the lows and lows of the Obama administration..But no worries, Obama assumes no blame for this…we know who takes the fall…….so here is a rough draft of a soon to be classic by Barack Hussein Oblamer….”I Didn’t Start The Fire” (and YOU didn’t build that) (ps- you will have to sing the tune yourself because this boy don’t sing…..babies cry and dogs howl..)

Global Warming, Climate change
Vice President with no brain.

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